Where are the ministers?

With the GE approaching, somehow they seem to have all disappeared. Where have they gone? Even those involved in all the controversies have not been seen. Let me guess. Preparing for the GE? Working very hard to eliminate the controversies? School holidays?


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Taking a break before the battle? I think the election posters etc have been prepared. Maybe looking for muddy grounds that can be used for rallies. It is the raining season now.

Controversies? What controversies? Deaf frogs hear nothing. Soon, we may be electing blind frogs as well.

Anonymous said...

Er...you sure they're real ministers and not...


Anonymous said...

Coming to 7th month mah...they scare to hear voices from less mortals calling them from behind. Turn back..and poof 1 of their candle get blown off how?? Cannot take the risk mah

Anonymous said...

Maybe they have all gone to France for cookery lessons? Maybe all gone to South Africa for World Cup.

Anonymous said...

Why you people like that?

When my picture appears in newsprints, you use it for your dog to poo poo.

If i appears on television, you want to switch it off or throw it away.

Whe i don't appear, you have so much suspicions and talked bad about me.

Sometimes, i wonder why i am in all these shits.

Okay, i am just trying to put myself in the shoes of a parliamentarian again.


Anonymous said...

I understand they take the flood verry seriously. They are all called up for priority 1 meeting at MHA twin towers. Inside there, they gets their hair dried by the Lee's. All of them are told to give a standard answer to the press and the peasantry.

Anonymous said...

All the PAP ministers are avoiding the unwanted limelight before the GE. For now, all problems are being ding dong'ed around but eventually it seems nobody is responsible and PAP tells Singaporeans to be OK with that.

MRT depot intrusion... where are the Transport and Home Affairs Ministers? Absolute silence... but the smart ass CEO of SMRT issued a carefully crafted statement that accepted absolutely no responsibility nor issued any apology.

Orchard road floods... where is the minister of Environment? Sleeping? still dreaming of riding camels in Egypt? Again, the blame is on PUB who will then blame it on Singaporeans for the debris that accumulated on the drain covers and blocking it, nevermind why it was designed THAT way.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think all Singaporeans are responsible. If they don't throw rubbish into the drains, they would not be clogged.

And if they see suspicious people in the train or near or inside depot, they must report.

Singaporeans must be more responsible to take care of the country's cleanliness and security.