What happens DBS?

Peter Seah is talking about the next CEO of DBS that shall preferably be a Singaporean. For 20 years, DBS had 4 CEOs after Kee Choe, and all were foreigners. Why? DBS could not find a Singaporean to fit the shoe and only foreigners could? Does DBS have a succession plan to groom its local executives to fill the position? Or is it that all the local talents are simply not good enough? Both reasons are difficult to accept. There must be a succession plan. There must be good locals that can fill the CEO position. We will be a laughing stock if after so many years we still fail to find a local that can become the CEO of its biggest govt bank. The alternative to recruiting Singaporeans as DBS CEO is to find a foreigner and then give him a red passport. I think that could do. We could do likewise for our PM post if we can't find a good enough Singaporeans to fill the shoe.


Anonymous said...

Right, I think we could probably be fooled.

DBS could still have a FT as CEO, but given Singaporean Citizenship status.

Let's see if after 20 years they uncover a hidden talent not spotted earlier.

Anonymous said...

The Problems of having locals to be CEOs of Local Giants maybe due to the Incumbents' incompetencies. Me likened it to the difficulties of attracting Singaporeans to run Singapore(parliamentarians). The only difference here is that it is perceived that most of the more talented locals are not aligned with the political aims of the incumbent Ruling Politicians that resulted in the shortage rather than the lack of talents.

It is also not just the arts of running a nation per se for aspiring politicians. Singaporeans are not clear about much of the performances and records of the Parliamentarians since Independence. Much are suspected to be in the Closets and who in their right mind will want to have to open it?
The Local Talents are very wary of hiddened agenda and unrevealed informations(records) of the Organizations.

If locals are not qualified or good for CEO Posts, why are they employed by foreign multi-nationals to be regional and local chief?


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My advice to any locals aspiring to head DBS is not to join DBS. They need exposure in foreign banks.

So join a foreign bank, preferably American. Then they will stand a better chance of being recruited for the CEO position.

A thorough bred, born and bred in DBS will not fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

Those that come forward are unholy. Those that are holy will not come forward.

That's the reality.