We were caught off guarded

Caught off guarded, a once in 50 years incident, an honest mistake, we did not see it coming, are these words enough or acceptable? We paid big bucks for super talent performance. We don't pay pennies for third world administrators. How many more caught off guard replies are we going to get before enough is enough? The people demand a higher standard of performance and accountability for the money that is being paid. We do not want to hear anymore off guards. We want to get life going without all the big mishaps falling onto our laps. Can we have an assurance that things will be better and no more once in 50 years flops? Two big floods, SMRT graffiti, football fiasco, trees and killer litters falling on people's heads, and what else?


Wally Buffet said...

We are often regaled by the main stream media that one of our pillars of strength, in lieu of natural resources, is infrastructure competence achieved by first rate human resources.

Well, when I saw the horrendous floods in our shopping "jewel", I thought that paragraph one above is a load of crap.

Caught off guarded..... happening once in 50 years.........these are similar to excuses that children make when they are caught playing when they are supposed to be doing their homework.

Now, this incident may have something to do with the blokes running the environment ministry. I have an urge to say to them that if they can't even get coffee shop owners to maintain clean washrooms and toilets, how else can you trust them to be able to manage a flood as big as the one that God just unleashed on Orchard Road. On second thoughts, perhaps it really wasn't God who created the chaos. He just pissed on sleeping, incompetent skivers who were supposed to be on guard against such acts of nature.

Anonymous said...

So after 50 years of constant and continuous progress from a fishing village to a first world country, Singaporeans are getting more frustrated each day. Funny and funny indeed, why are locals feeling the heat with such progress? Were they not flowing nicely with the leaders all these while?

IF ME AM THE RULER NOW, i will gladly give up and leave this place to the other Singaporeans to run. Me would have become tired not because i am getting older but because the people are getting more difficult to satisfy and manage.

There is no point in me having accumulate fortunes hoping to live in fame and glory as i age, only to be jeered by the very people me and my talented elites have cared for the last 50 years, to make them rich as well. It's hard to bear such ingrates!

It maybe time to consider passing the batons as well as free myself from all politics and let other more capable people who see so many flaws and potential problems as far down as 50 years from now to take over.

By the way, me and my fellow cabinet members are pretty well-off, asset wise. Why should we work for You, the lesser mortals.

Sorry folks; i was just pretending to be a SIN Parliamentarian for a few minutes.


Wally Buffet said...


Patriot, that wasn't a wise choice for a vicarious adventure.

You'll be more appreciated if you pretended that you were David Copperfield for a day, fooling the audience into thinking that everything is under control, while you were standing in half a metre of flood water outside Lucky Plaza!


Anonymous said...

This is the getting to be the most convenient excuse for all the bad happenings here. Mas Selamat's detention camp escape, a murderer walking across the causeway, a convict escaping while being conveyed to and from court, were all because we were caught off guard.

When they eventually run out of overusing this excuse, they will probably blame it on 'act of God'.

Anonymous said...

>>..they will probably blame it on 'act of God'.

Why blame "God" when they can get away blame lesser mortals (something they learnt from their God of No Mercy)

Anonymous said...

Hi Wally;

me was not pretending to be a David Copperfield because my magics don't thrill anymore as everyone in SIN know that magics are but tricks. Now, me am suspected of using tricks all these years, why would i swallow that?

I could live in abundance and comfort and care not about the past nor the future. Would i remain
to be accused of neglects and incompetency?

The people want honesty here, integrity there and transparency everywhere. If a few fallen leaves and twigs can caused damaging flood, 50 years of accumulating political ruckus could cause....
.........the consequences do not look pretty.

I would'nt want my name to rot before my body does.

Remember, me am just imaginging if i am a parliamentarian now, what action i would take for my political office. It maybe far from the real thing.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, it is due to a few fallen leaves and twigs! How come I never think of that?

If we cut all the leaves and twits, problem solved.

Wally Buffet said...

With all the money and the technology at our disposal not to mention the overpaid "brains" running the show, the man still says that the freakish weather is partly culpable.

My only advice to him is that his team should brainstorm (pardon the pun) more and think constantly of "what if" scenarios and be ready for it instead of being "caught off guard" and looking for ways to remedy the situation when damage to property and reputation is already done.

Ah well, what's new?

Anonymous said...

Haha Chin Leng; great stuff, i mean You said 'removed the twits'.

Indeed, if the people can remove them; the TWITS, most problems would not have existed.

Let me play the dummy parliamentarian again. See, if I am not co-opted into Parliament, I would be making a lot more(money), though i may not give Bill Gate a run for wealth.

I sacrifice my wealth and comfort to serve the people and in return I got myself all kinds of names. I will not have to refrain from so called lack of decorum demeanours. My families will not be put under the spotlights, now they have to carry themselves like me, VIP like, liked VIP. See what I lose?

Right, patriot is not actor, so he ceases to pretend to be any parliamentarian now.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ooops, I meant twigs. Spelling mistake.

In the case of Mas Selamat, it is indeed an act of god. How else could he walk out of a high security detention camp, unseen?

Anonymous said...

Me once overheard some people claimed that Mas Selamat has some kind of supernatural power. Wanted to laugh but felt unkind, but, did wish me could have the supernatural power.

What would i do with the supernatural power? I will just transform all the parliamentarians into humane and loving beings. Just as simple as that, not to have supernatural power to take the live of others. That's great misuse and abuse of so-called supernatural power.

Wally Buffet said...

What would I do with MY superpower?


I would just transform all those twits into responsible people's representatives by not giving excuses and blaming it on nature each time something ghastly happens and be man enough to say: "The buck stops HERE!"

Anonymous said...

Haha Wally;

IF only one or two at the top show themselves liable for their decisions and deeds, the rest will follow. With brave and responsible commanders, there will be courageous and dutiful soldiers

BUT, if the tops are crooked, the bottoms are likely slanted and in SIN there are many 'tolak balaks', meaning shift the blames or find whatever excuses to vindicate oneself. None has proven to be worthy and honourable 'junzi'(respectable person).


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There was a junzi last time. And he took his own life.