We are dead serious for Olympic Gold

A training base for our Olympians will be set up in England, two years before the Olympic Games in 2012. We will be able to train and acclimatise our sportsmen and women to make sure that they stand a good chance to win a medal for our country. I must say that with the effort, resources and seriousness we put into acquiring sporting golds, we are getting nearer to our pot of gold. To be more serious, we need to really scout around the world for gold potentials, bring them home quickly and turn them into citizens to qualify for the Olympics.


Matilah_Singapura said...

It takes years or decades to develop a program to train super-atheletes. The program in question here is funded by the state: what a nice junket for the select coterie of individuals sucking off the govt tit.

Well done!

Anonymous said...

I think we are now at the stage of, buying turtles to throw into the sea.

Anonymous said...

i suggest we move LBW to China

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What is LBW? Leg before wicket?

Do we need to crave for a medal at all cost, including buying talents?

Anonymous said...

wah !!! more prc chinese in UK. We have enogh here as it is !!!

Wally Buffet said...

I am flummoxed with the obsession to win medals at sporting events at great costs. Why do a little speck of a country like ours want to make a sporting statement? Maybe it's because of insecurity but mostly, I think, the idea of putting this dot on the world sports map gives someone the hard on.

Can't we just concentrate on doing what we are good at? Making money or losing lots of it!


Anonymous said...

There are plenty of obsessions in little red dot. Obsessed with power. Obsessed with making money. Obsessed with importing foreign talents. Obsessed with persecuting opposition people. Now obsessed with medals.

Their obsessions could fill up the Guinness Book of Records.

agongkia said...

I got an idea.... if you all are against importing foreign sport talents,consider to send our singapore children to secluded mountain in China or Korea to learn secret kung fu or Tae kwon Do etc.When they are back,they are still singaporean representing our country.So it is not import.
Master their ching kung.
Singapore got no mountain and I dun think we can produce any sport talent as younger generation cannot bear hardship.Gone are the days where you can see children running bare footed.
Maybe can consider Pulau Ubin.A good place to train with bare foot.Can send our children there and can produce more original local sportsmen.Tie 2 pieces on their feet and make them run around Ubin daily for 13 hours.I heard after some time,take out the brick,they can fly instead of run.The same goes for swimming etc.What so difficult getting gold?This one secret.Shh..Dun tell people.I only share with singaporean.