Town Council Report was not political!

Low Thia Khiang should not politicise the Town Council Report. It is not political. Period. Let's move on. I make this comment after reading a headling in Today, 'WP's Low pursuing political objectives: Grace Fu.' The Report is an objective an unbiased account of the performance of the Town Councils. Low's position that Town Councils getting more funding is beside the point. More funds or less fund, they should perform equally well. Ok, Ok, you can all disagree with me on this point. I think with the Town Council Report becoming such an objective and impartial tool for measuring performance, we could see more relevant factors being included in the near future. And to be fair to all parties, to avoid being look at sceptically by doubters, to avoid being sneered at, there will be more transparency coming out, I believe. After all transparency is a great virtue that we believe in and is the corner stone of good governance. The govt has been preaching it all the time. Low And Chiam should be patient and wait for Grace Fu to lay out all the regulations and criteria on the fundings and qualifications for upgrading of estates. We shall all look forward to that. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Redbean my Fren;

may i beseech that You seek the kind assistances from those caring and loving 'charismatic' preachers for divine intervention to give Singaporeans a good government. A government that is formed of not only men and women that provide transparency, they will be calibres of competency and propriety.

IF SIN has pious and people of propriety running it, we Singaporeans will be like living in heaven.

Do we have them??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I must agree with you on this. Paradise needs holier than thou people. Please recommend. I can't find one good enough in my list.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Town Council funding is political in itself. Why must Low Thia Khiang go to beg Eric Low for the funding if it is not political? The money belongs to Singaporeans, not the PAP.

Who is Eric Low in Hougang? He is not even elected by the residents of Hougang. Yet, the elected representative of Hougang must be poltically subservient to someone he defeated in the elections.

What a disgrace-fool joke!

soojenn said...

Hahahaha.. redbean.. how is it possible that you perrcieve the Town Councils report (TCR) as non political.

LTK politicse the TCR? The government has politicise this for the incumbents and balatantly so.

Unbiased account? redbean come on.. even old man Kuan Yew has said before that you can manipulate information, statistics to reflect the view of what you like the people to perceive and not actually what it is.

Impartial tool? really redbean.. well not at this moment. Releasing this TCR at this opportune timing? Cannot be more clear that what they are trying to do, but perhaps have gotten the reverse effect.

Where is the transparency? accountability KPI's. They appear to only be presenting factors that glow for the incumbent. Who sets the criteria, relevant factors being included? that will be the day.. for starters how about the financial handling performance?

... too many things to comment here.. more of this can be found in link ..

Wait for grace Fu to lay out the regulations and fundings and qualifications for upgrading of estates? that will be the day if these criteria are unbiased..

Transparency.. there appparently isn't an ounce of it.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh dear me. I am exposing my naivity and innocence again.

I know, they used to call me that.

Thanks for reminding me, soojenn.

Anonymous said...

If naivity and innocence can hit the high and mighty, why apologise?

Many, many years ago Toh Chin Chye cast the deciding vote to put someone as PM and that someone said no such thing happened.

Lesser mortals should deserve a break lah!