Towards a more equal world

The Third World countries shall rejoice with the rise of China to challenge the US and European dominance of world affairs and unequal relationships. Gone will be the days of Unequal Treaties. The Chinese will stand up to the US and the West for their arrogance and domineering relationship vis a vis the rest of the world. An ugly example of such a relationship was pronounced by Robert Gates himself at the recent Shangri La Dialogue when he claimed that the US has been selling weapons to Taiwan openly all these years. So it must be right. He could not see anything wrong with it. He might as well say that the US had perpetuated a slave trade enslavings millions of Africans for several hundred years. So it must be ok to continue to do so. Or he might as well say that colonisation is acceptable since the Western powers colonised and ruled the rest of the world for several centuries. The Chinese did the right thing by cancelling Robert Gates visit to Beijing to remind him that selling weapons to Taiwan is not right. The Western world would accuse China of being arrogant for standing up to the US and them, for demanding to be treated equally, and all international relationships be on par, not the empire/subject kind. The Third World countries would stand to benefit if China could shift the present unfair relationship to one that is more equal to the smaller and weaker nations. The Americans and the West cannot keep talking down to the rest of the world and dictate what a relationship should be in their favour and according to their terms. If they can build military bases at the doorsteps of other countries, sail navy ships in their seas and fly spy aircraft or satellites over their territories, these are not friendly acts, so can other countries do the same to them. For a better and more equal world, all countries shall be treated equally and have the same rights to determine their own affairs.


Anonymous said...

When sovereign nations allow others to build military installations in their lands, the Independence of such nations are at best pseudo indepedence. They should be occupied by stronger nations as they proved themselves incapable of self sustained survivals. Hence, they are not fit to be independent.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Japan and South Korea are the last two semi colonies of the US. Taiwan may not have an American base, but it is an American protectorate under a defence pact.

The Empire is still lurking in East Asia.

Anonymous said...

Let the empire lurk for a bit longer, but it will end.

The Americans have been supporters of some countries, supplying weapons to them to fight against common foes, but some are now their enemies. Who knows the future.

Many countries knows that wherever the Americans set foot, trouble follows. That is why the Japanese and South Korean commoners are against having American bases on their soil.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Most govt tacitly support Amrican global imperialsm. Our own MMLee prefers US presence in the region for "security". MMLee is well know of course for his inveterate paranoia of Wahabi Islam -- and his fears may be valid.

Also, if held by their balls to the wire, most govts woud prefer a militarily strong US to a militarily stronger and growing China. They don't trust the US govt, but they trust the Chinese govt less. Even labour organisations in the "smaller" countries are worried that Chinese workers will take their jobs.

American interference is not going away anytime soon. There are huge institutions which support this legalised invasion of other countries. Plus the US bribes and corrupts puppet dictators who give favours to American interests at the expense of the liberty and property of their local people.

That's one of the things I do agree with Osama bin Laden about: American entanglement and the corruption of citizen sovereignty (aka "We they people").

Whilst I don't support Osama's ideology of terrorism, I do understand why he does it: he feels he has no other option to make his point.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When the balance of power is not dominated by a big power, things will get fairer. At the moment, the Americans and the Israelis, even European powers could go around ruling the weaker countries. Israel practically rules the Middle East.