Thank you Oliver, for the wake up call

The Indonesian intelligence told us that Orchard MRT station could be a terrorist target. There were heighten security patrols from the men in blue and the anti terrorist experts must be fully alerted to such a possibility and probably taking more precautionary measures to make it double sure it shall not happen. Then we have two vandals sneaking into a MRT depot, left behind elaborate graffiti that could take hours to complete, sneaked out and went about their lives as if nothing happened. And the graffiti went on its round across the island without anyone knowing anything amiss till a couple of days later when the train was in for maintenance Having nicely painted pictures on MRT trains are unlikely to prompt anyone into thinking that they are not supposed to be there. How would the public to know that they are not advertisements if the MRT staff too did not have any clue? But then what ? It is too late if it was a terrorist attack. The damage would have been done. Finito! While Oliver may be waiting for his backside to be scarred, in a way we should thank him for testing the security system of the MRT and highlighting its glaring inadequacy. If not of this incident, everyone will still think that the system is in good shape. Now we know it was not. And the MRT may not be the only organization that could be caught with the pants down. There should be a thorough review of the security systems of potential soft targets and to make amends when there is still time, when they are not hit yet. The security agencies may want to conduct random tests on possible targets to assess their security worthiness and readiness. Maybe they can hire Oliver and his British partner to be the testers.


Wally Buffet said...

The more I think about this SMRT graffiti saga, the more I am convinced that Oliver and his buddy who is purportedly now in Hong Kong, should be celebrated not punished because they did us a public service.

Without them, we would still be wallowing in a pipe dream that our security systems are "world class" and that there is nothing to worry about. Really?

In today's Straight Times, we read that workers are now reinforcing perimeter fencing and putting up barb wires. Only Oliver and Co made the over paid high falutin' good for nothing management sit up and take notice that there was a hugh gaping hole in the security defences, literally.

Once again, I like to echo Redbean's thanks to Oliver. He should be set free immediately, given a public service medal, a $10,000 PC show hamper, freedom of the City and be an honoured guest at our coming National Day parade.

Guess who I would like to take his place for the few pats to the wrist instead of the prescribed rotan strokes to the backside and an immediate demotion if not dismissal?


Wally Buffet said...


Oliver actually posted a $100,000 bail. I suggest we return this bail plus give him a reward of $100,000 for services rendered.

If they had commissioned a professional security outfit to test the SMRT's security defences, you'll probably need to pay more.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Olivier had done two rights and two wrongs. His graffiti was well appreciated. He has triggered a sense of disbelief and an awakening.

But he did not ask for permission and did not ask to be paid for doing it.

Wally Buffet said...

If he had asked for permission, we would still be living in a false sense of security.

As a Swiss who came from a real Swiss living standard he felt that money wasn't really that important. A moral obligation to awaken appears altruistic.

Don't laugh.

Maybe that's what crossed his mind when he started his artistic message.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We may get an overreaction with cost piling up when the mood now is to heighten security. And you will know who will ultimately bare the cost of all the high tech security equipment akan datang.

To secure every little nook and corner is not going to be cheap. What is difficult to do is to decide where and what need to be tightened and what not. Building a 20 ft wall around all the installation is not the right thing to do.

Wally Buffet said...

We don't need a 20 ft. electrified wall around the depots. We just need less complacency, more frequent patrols with guard dogs by competent security personnel and not half dead retirees, if that is the case. We also just need a corporate culture not to take things for granted and living in this day and age with terrorists running amok, every second of the day is heightened security time, not when something goes wrong.

A "protected place" signboard is no defence to breach. Neither is high tech security equipment if the people manning it is incompetent.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is another problem. Able young locals don't want to be security guards. More opportunities for foreign talents.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, I wouldn't be so quick to thank Oliver and his buddy.

With all the new security measures going to be put into place, what does it mean for MRT and bus commuters?

Pay and pay, of course.
Increase and increase, of fares.
Talk and talk, of more profits.
Praise and praise, of improved security.

And after all this, do you think lessons are learned? Never in a thousand years.

Never brag about your iron clad security system when humans are involved. They are the weakest link.

Anonymous said...

Security without the patriotism and conviction of the People is nonsense.

Me can't accept the fact that everyone is a suspect and a threat to our security nor do i fancy facing fortresses everywhere i stand in SIN.


Who are the Police and Security men monitoring in SIN? SINGAPOREANS of course! How many of You think that foreigners are ever suspected???

The Day of Reckoning has arrived.


agongkia said...

I pass there before 8 am this morning.A civilian Singh was at the external of the fencing probably taking photoes.I believe no one will call the police over his activity.Why?becos either no one notice, or do not feel anything suspicious for such matter to call for attention.They are right not to call,for I too believe he is officially there.

We tend to be complacent and think members of public are security conscious to report any irregularityies and as such may let our guard down.
We can spent so much money,time and effort concentrating on the station ,checking here and there and i hardly believe that our expert can neglect the most vunerable area.

If a country bumpkin like me can think of this possibility of intrusion here when the depot start to operate,I dun see why this area can be overlook.

The barb wire reported today is a waste of money to me.It will only help to prolong the intruders' timing of intrusion.It will not stop.
If the premises is not monitered whether by a responsible officer having his eye glue on the CCTV or a clocking system for the guard,it will only take less than 20 mins for one to get into it.

But cost is the factor.I will prefer CCTV being manned by a dedicated officer instead.

For a reasonable and cost effective CCTV,can consider looking for Blogger Red Bean.
For security reason and so as not to undermine our security effort,I will not elaborate more.

Anonymous said...

Just like to ask for some views or experiences.

How many Singaporeans feel that their Red Pasport and Pink Identity Card entitle or get them 'less stringent checks' at the Exit/Entrance Points at the Airports, Seaports and Land Checkpoints as compared to Angmohs and 'Obvious' Tourists???

How close dare Singaporeans go near their Parliamentarians(physically)? Sure, many Singaporeans shun going near Political VVIPs, why? Shy is one reason lah. And dare i say Political VVIPs do not like to be in public places too, why???

Fears of being suspected by your own Singaporeans? For what?
Answer: Threats! Yes everyone is a threat to the person standing near, in his own country or at least look at as a potential threat. Lol....


Anonymous said...

Going near Parliamentarians? I avoid them, because I hate the bootlickers bossing around.

In Singapore the higher mortals and their clan always want Singaporeans to stay afar or at arms length. Mortals are viewed as a potential threat. That is why there is such a gulf of perception between them, mentally I mean.

agongkia said...


Sometime Red passport may not necessary be useful .Certain places see male holder of Red passport as rich chikopeh and you will know the consequense if you show it unnecessary.

and on VVIps..not shy lah but.....best to avoid them.You may accidently be hit if you are nearby them if they encounter one bobo king .I use to sit far away from them during chinese dinners.
And avoid seeking unnecessary help with your VVIP MP if you cannot control your temper and if you tend to talk loudly or use dialects.These can be consider as threats.
I heard a number of people got charge for using threat when they see their MPs for help.

Wally Buffet said...

It is foolish to threaten or infer innuendos when dealing with your MPs.

Just avoid them. There is nothing they can do anyway. The letters they "write" are mostly written by the apple polishers and boot lickers some of whose English is as good as my six year old grand son. Surely we can write our own letters? Anyway, come election time, they will come and shake your hands with a humble and hang dog look and ask for your autograph. That's the time for you to act like an MP and for them to seek your "assistance". Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Thank You much Folks for the Feedbacks!

See how Singaporeans feel about their Leaders. The many service personnnel who had and have to attend to them knows best. Most will be uneasy and unhappy whenever and wherever they are assigned. Some curse themselves for bad lucks whilst others are simply resigned. There are of course a very small minority who feel honoured.

The aloofness of the VVIP Entourage is enough to make many want to escape and literally run away from them. Those cold chilling stares from their security personnels are frightening. The mightier than emperor dispositions of the VVIP themselves naturally make the people, service personnels and other commoners, around them jittery. So, this is how loving our leaders have projected themselves.

Me had seen parliamentarians at few places and invariably all the plebeians that happened to come face to face with them kept their eyes trained away from the Parliamentarians. I have even seen sales personnels walked away from them(VVIPs) just to avoid to serve them.

Parliamentarians who are reading this Post may like to know yourselves better, how You have fared in the eyes of your citizens. At this present moment, YOU have failed miserably, You have your offices, reputes and authorities BUT You hardly earned any respects and love from the people.

Parliamentarians should know from the Net(Cyberspace) that they have a long long way to endear themselves to the people.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Should the "terrorists" strike Orchard MRT, I hope someone has the good sense to put it on youtube, so home-sick fuckers like me can see the mayhem.

As for the 2 mat salehs -- they broke the law. Good luck in trying to catch the fucker who bolted!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

While everyone is scurrying around trying to do something, I would suggest that they take a step, compose themselves and do only the right thing.

Anonymous said...

What is the right thing? Pushing the blame to the man at the bottom?

Anonymous said...

Hi Matilah;

do come home once a while and the sickness may subside a little. Maybe the next time You are back, let's have coffee at the Blue Mountain. Redbean will gladly foot the bill.

We were curious and being oldies, me was wandering if You would fit into our age group; when Redbean Wally and me met a week ago.


Wally Buffet said...


Redbean says he prefers kopi-C siew tai at the kopi shop across the road from blue mountain.

As for Matilah, we can meet him in KL, Malaysia where he goes for his regular massage enroute to Bangkok.

Anonymous said...

Me went over to that coffee shop for my puff, it was much crowded than Blue Mountain. Yes, the kopi-o was much better and a lot cheaper, so must be the beer.

The best thing about it, can smoke there.


Wally Buffet said...

So sorry hor.

I can't stand the heat without airconditoning and I am allergic to cigarette smoke. So I rather pay a bit more for my fix.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually folks, Bkk is out of the picture for the moment. Unless I come up with another 'angle' (to make it of 'value' to my clents), there's no buck to be made there -- for me at least -- for sometime. I basically saw the writing on the wall and bailed out completely nearly 2 years ago.

As for KL -- I have the legal right to work in Malaysia having jumped thru the required govt hoops to get a visa.

I have all sorts of friends: smokers, drinkers, teetotalers, non-smokers, chemical afficianados, health-freaks, religious, blasphemous, monogamous, polyamorous... whatever. Since I am a complicated guy, I'm willing to accept anyone elses shit as long as they are willing to accept mine -- in other words we not just 'allow' each other's shit (as long as we aren't forced to eat each other's shit) but we also celebrate one another as unique and intersting individuals. So smoke, don't smoke, scratch your balls, snort cocaine, salivate over porno... whatever... doesn't bother me. I hope you're happy, that's all :)

My drinking is down below even the base-line 'social' level. If I have one drink a month now...that would be about my level. But I still like my coffee -- any style from any culture -- and a nice expensive cigar occasionally... usually smoked with female company. I just have this 'think' for cigar smoking women... it's a huge turn-on for me.

Next trip up north: not in the forseeable future. So yeah, for the moment the internet is my only connection to S'pore and the rest of my 'kampung'.

However, a rendezvous in KL would be great. I like KL -- it is a healthy city because one can;t help notice the plethora of 'health clubs' all over the place.

Keep well, and healthy.