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Terrorist attacks are a threat to national security

Are private organizations up to it in protecting themselves from terrorist attacks? The terrorists are not your daily thieves and robbers. They are well trained and well armed. Like Mas Selamat, some of them are experts in destructive warfare, and highly intelligent. What kind of staff do the private organizations have to defend themselves in the event of an attack? Are they trained and armed, as well armed as the terrorists, and as intelligent as them? The private organizations may be able to secure their place of work with technology and the handful of security guards which, unfortunate to say, many are from the Dad’s Army, some ex detainees for petty crimes, and some fat ladies. Pit them against the well trained experts of terrorist armies, well, the odds are like Argentina against Singapore in football. Shall the responsibility of defending against terrorist acts be the responsibility of private organizations? Terrorism has changed the face of security of private organizations and businesses. It does not draw lines and boundaries, no war or civilian targets or battle fronts. It is trained terrorists against untrained or superficially trained security guards. This is a new ball game.


Wally Buffet said...


The funny bone in me cannot resist a temptation to joke that one day, you can be your own police and make your own arrest of any criminals, ie if you have the stomache for it.

Law enforcement is going to be "privatized". Every residential neighbourhood will have a posse of vigilantes with a part time sheriff and his part time deputies. Those RC sidekicks should be the first to be enlisted.Haha. That'll be fun.

Now talking about our security guards. This is one area where I am all for importing foreign "talents" to fill the vacancies now occupied by half bent squinty old men, sloppy fat ladies past their prime and the odd ex criminial. In Hong Kong and China, private security guards are tall, beefy and energetic young hunks as befits their calling. It's time for change. Some ex PLA soldiers would just be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Let me put forth a suggestion.

Some terrorist experts are Singaporeans, such as Mas Selamat and his accomplices. Let us tap into their expertise and pay them as much as we pay the foreign talent experts from other nations. After all, how good those foreigner experts are can easily be determined by the frequent terror acts and fatalities that happened in their motherlands.

Me sometimes feel shameful to see those experts and local policy and financial experts professing on telecasts as though they are prophets, maybe they are, just that they lack accuracies most of the time.

As for commercial security services and their personnels, cctv and other electronic devices are far more effective. How are we to know that the security professionals are not as disloyal as our citizens of Mas Selamat calibre??? Me even doubt our parliamentarians are as patriotic as they show themselves to be.

It is only a question of when terrorist attacks will happen and where they will happen. And me likes to say that the causes will not be just unhappiness with national policies affecting the livelihoods of the people. It will be more likely due to the diplomatic sucking up to the Imperialists and materialism. As such, the cause for terrorism is not just internal. Terrorisms will not germinate locally but by foreign instigations. However,disaffections with the local authority exacerbate the problem and intensify the probability.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi patriot, this is your area of expertise. You should brand yourself an expert in securities and demand a ransom for your professional advice.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Redbean for giving me the title of 'expert', it is not due to modesty that me wants to tell everyone that i would not want to be a security personnel. It is a tough and meaningless job and hurts my spirit very much to see the needs for enhanced security and they are everywhere in this tiny speck. One just cannot help feeling that no one in this land can be trusted, none is innocent and everyone is a devil in one way or another. It's like a shitty place.

For one, me feels very, very strongly that any place that needs much enforcements of laws, rules, regulations and ethics is by nature a lousy place. A lousy country also means the masses are not properly educated and governed.

And indeed, it is obvious that the leadership is not trusted, much less respected by the people. Due to the ubiquitous security measures, naturally the citizens can never feel that they are trusted, much less love by the Leaders. One gets a sickening feeling that some latent mistrusts and antagonisms exist between the rulers and the ruled. The more conflict and suspicion, the more security has to be upgraded and enhanced. It is a vicious and evil cycle. How long can a country survive in this mode?

It is not an exaggeration to say that most Singaporeans do not trust the next one standing beside. If he or she does not suspect the other of some motives, one must be like me, an old pauper that superficially does not pose a threat due to age and a simpleton look.


Anonymous said...

I suggest compulsorily enlisting all new citizens as vigilantes since they are not doing NS. That should be their contribution to national security.

Hey, most of them are owners of condos and high-end properties, so they have more reason to protect their assets.

As for sheriff, well, we already have one cyber sheriff in our cabinet, who happens also to be a rear admiral.

If you need mayors, we have a dime a dozen among our MPs.

We lost a certain Major Fong long ago, and MP who would otherwise he be able to contribute his expertise.

Another old soldier, who is also an ex-minister. is long retired, otherwise, he too will be able to contribute. But, alas, he does not even qualify to join Dad's army, being in his early or mid 80s.

No problem, just pass the laws and they will hit the floor.

agongkia said...

Aiya,I cannot tahan leow.Sorry,this one I really got to disagree with you people.
Give our local a chance to earn a living as a sookoority guard.They have a family and need to survive too.Whether terrorist attacks or not ,we still need them.Their originally role is basically to protect life and property.They did not boast that they are there to deal with terrorist .And their job is something you people may not be capable of doing it.They should be respected and not being labelled as old ,fat and sloppy .It is you rich people who is kiasee and have wild imagination.Where got terrorist?Who are the real terror?
Leave my respectable sookoority guard uncle and aunty alone.I have highest regards to them and I salute them.They are mightier that our law enforcer,to me.
Why?They dun need smart uniform,handcuff,revolver,bullet,T baton ,taser ,kung fu etc etc to handle a case.So dun suggest PLA.Suggest only to complement and not to replace them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The aunties and uncles are good as jagas and also in dealing with discipline Singaporeans who are not out to give them trouble. At times they are rude like hell as if they are mata mata which tempted people to give them a tight slap.

But agree that they can serve as the eyes and ears to jaga a place. But don't expect anything more when comes to security against terrorists. This is a different ball game and even our men in blue or green would have a handful if they attack.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia got a point. I hope and pray that terrorists will respect and avoid giving trouble to those sookoority guard uncles and aunties. After all the elderly deserve pity and respect for working at that age in such a tough job.

But on the other hand, I just worry that the sookoority uncles and aunties may turn green or blue on being confronted by a terrorist.

Then we are sunk.

Anonymous said...

The birds are no more afraid of invading living bean territories.

Are obvious scarecrows of any use ?

Please think !

Anonymous said...

No worry redbean. Our men in blue or green will outnumber terrorists or whatever any time as needed.

Even harmless Dr Chee and his gang of three were totally outnumbered when they protested outside See, Pee, F building.

agongkia said...

Hehe..Jaga uncles and aunties will tell you people "Action speaks louder than words" and can only prove to you people on their efficiency when there is an action.
Nevertheless they are there to protect property and life.They dun claim to be experts and are there for their 3 meals.Leave them alone.
And Mr Bean,many 'siau ren' like to find fault with sookoority guard and the only allegation is to claim guard is rude.
Whilst there are many genuine cases of rude guard,there are also many cases of abuses by our Singaporean.
Request visitor's identification to change visitor pass,many singaporean will start to show their colour,challenging guard they are not PO or IO,claiming themselves to be ex PO or lawyers and know the laws and those bull shit etc etc.These 'siau ren' just like to vent their anger when guard dun give face.So they always complain guard are rude.Lets us not have any discrimation especially on those who are out there to earn an honest living.

Wally Buffet said...


When there's action, these sookoority gards will run for cover first.

Still not convinced they can do much except stand around and act as if they are PO or IO. While strolling around the condo or the shopping malls, these uncles and aunties are daydreaming of good old days gone by. Imagine me already old and yet got to address them as uncles and aunties. But hey, you've got to have the image to act the part man.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My experience with them is bad, just as my experience with the cleaners in hawker centres and foodcourts. It is quite perplexing, a dilemma, to hire them or not to hire them.

They need the job to keep themselves alive till they are 80 or 90. But it is obvious that they do not enjoy working but just have to but not wanting to.

Anonymous said...

The Government seems to suggest that the elderly cleaners at hawker centres and foodcourts and the elderly security guards, all love to work until they expire at 80 or 90. How can they not love their jobs? These are jobs reserved specially for them.

You see, working will keep them alive to a ripe old age. Not working means they will pass on the moment they retire, because they will die of boredom.

So, in fact the Government is helping Singaporeans live longer, work longer and die older. How you die is no concern of theirs.

agongkia said...

Sir Wally Buffet
Do you prefer to be a dead hero or a living coward?The choice is yours.Stay alive to be a witness to give description of the suspect and bring him to justice or be dead on the spot and let the terrorist go for another action where our love one may be a victim.
I would say they are heroes too even they take cover.
On image,whether dirty cat,white cat or black cat,so long as you can catch the mouse,you are good cat.
You want image?You stay in big condo?So why are some rich people reluctant to pay for more when they engage sookoority guard?Dun expect them to dressed like the impressive Taiwan Military police if one pay peanut.
To me,calling someone uncle and auntie serves 2 purposes.One is to show respect and to be courteous .Another is because when I call them that,hehe..I feel I am young.Sir,you feel younger?
For uncle to address someone uncle,its shows that you are humble and respectable.
And Mr Bean,I dun blame you.
There is nothing unusual for SINgaporean to look down on our elderly cleaner and sookoority guard,Many are born with a silver spoon in their mouth.They live in big houses.They do not understand what is hardship.Illiterate and poor are always treated differently,not only you,even the one in Havelock Road office have that mindset.
Let the elderly earn a proper living.Whether they are scarecrow or not,at least they dun have to be a burden to society.I believe Garmen hope that they continue to work becos if they dun,they worry no one will pay for their hospital bill etc.Need I spell that out.
But not all cleaner or sookoority work becos they are poor.You dun play play.They can be richer ,capable or even smarter than you or even the elites.Some work just to past time.Some work 3 days ,spent 3 days in Batam,some got wife or mistress in China .Are you capable than them in that?Cannot rite?So dun look down on them.At least they are better than you in this.Everyone has got their own talent,so respect our sookoority guard and cleaners.

Wally Buffet said...


A Gong. You're cute.

We hope you will be around this blog regularly to add more laughter. Cheers.

If I'm a China gold digger, I won't go for any squinty sookooority gard, that's for sure.

The blood money they get from the gard's standing around for more than 8 hours a day playing a part like a pitiful doggy would make the gold diggers very very guilty.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

We need to be serious in the recruiting of security guards as to jagas. Security guards need professional training and be physically strong and able. I know one very good one: )

Preventing an establishment from being attacked is a serious business. Checking passes,checking visitors and nothing more is quite a different thing.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what skoority You r all talking abt ? With the highest calibres in the government, police and armed forces with the most advanced equipments, we had alredi suffered so many breaches of security. And here we have people talking like experts abt national safety and security. When limping and low skill laymen can escaped from high security prison and crossed to foreign lands and foreigners were able to intrude and stay in protected areas, it is time for u 2 give up. All talk of professionalism are liked hot airs spurting from the backs. Ensure yr own safeties and make yrself an expert at that, that's all. Very few care abt the saftety of others anyway. U die, yr bisiness.

agongkia said...

Mr bean
To me ,sookoority guard, like businessman are born and not trained.Some people are born with that security talent ,same as someone who is born business minded.
To me,Training is just for show.It can only make the guard more costly and demanding.Good and bad.
Guard are screened and licensed before they can be deployed .
The problem is not whether you want to be serious to get a good ,strong and trained one or not.The problem is there is a shortage of guards.Younger one dun like uniform job.Those who like sookoority and law enforcement job would prefer to be in the auxilialy force if they can't get into the Force.Most think it is better pay and can carry a warrant card , gun,T baton n handcuff to kaylengkaysay.You think they like to be call a guard meh?But the turnover rate is also high.Many return to sookoority job.I dun tell U why...
Preventing an establishment from being attacked is a serious business.....I agree with you .
But it is responsibility and alertness that play the part.You can put ten trained,strong and those with crabs on their shoulder to guard the station but if they are sleeping on the job,it will only waste money.Might as well pay agongkia to help to look out for anything suspicious and let him see Swee Char Bor for free.
Guard never claim that they are there to deal with terrorist.It is those people out there who exagerate n talk as if the terrorist got 3 head and 6 arm.
Guard are there to help to look out only.
Sorry SIR Wally,I do not know whether Mr Bean will consider me a nuisance.At times I like to be playful.If I have offended any one of you here,my sincere apology.hehe..

agongkia said...

But Sir Wally
forget to add.Guard Dun stand 8 hours nowadays.Most sit more than 8 hours.They can read newspaper,watch TV,listen to radio,think of what is Monday's s$5 million ToTo number to buy etc...and not to forget....they may also surf the net and read My Singapore News...hehe...Their towkay got to think thrice if want to stop them,for he may just uplift the post and go to another company tomorrow.In demand leh.want to join?Can play share also.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi agongkia, I appreciate all the postings here. We are all here to chat and express our views. They are just views and by sharing, we get to appreciate that different people see things differently.

This security issue needs to be clarify a little. The security guards used to be just taking care of thefts, trepassing etc which is well and good. It is the responsibility of organisations to take care of such matters.

But now security encompasses terrorist threats which could mean big explosion and big loss of property and lives. Are private organisations apt to take care of such security matters? Or should this be the responsibility of the govt?

agongkia said...

Mr Bean,SIR
Read the word SEC U R I TY.The word consist of "U" and "I".My view is its everybody's responsibility.
I agree its Garmen's responsibility.But you should know their efficiency.I need not elaborate more.So do not depend everything on them.At the same time do not understimate our sookoority guard.hehe..

Wally Buffet said...

Ah Gong,

Looks like you got something to do with the sookoority gard bisness. Probably, the number one, super scale rank calling the shots.

You make the gard's work sound so sexy and rewarding. I wanna join leh, can or cannot?

What are the qualifications? What are working hours? Like you said, can also play shares while on the job meh? Also, sometimes can ponteng or not as I like going happy hours.

OK. Now I go happy hours. Hope to hear from your esteemed sookoority company whose motto probably is:

"On Gard! At all times"

agongkia said...

Haha Wally
Thks for the compliment.
I am a PKL.I do any job that anybody need .Specialise in digging holes and clearing choke and is looking forward to settle down as be an embalmer or fortune teller if I got a chance .
Having difficulty to resist my temptation to kaypo in blogs and is seeking treatment for that as advised by fortune teller.So better stay away from me to be safe.But I enjoy everyone's comment.It make me lively.

Anonymous said...

The work of screwrity guard seems so good here that even intellects are interested.

How much are their pays ? Seems very attractive to me too.

But when I saw them at works at Jurong, their jobs appeared very tough le, especially those working in the open under the sky. Understand that most of them work no less than 12 hours a day, mostly standing or patrolling. Heard that they are paid about $50 to $60a day which is less than $5 per hour.

Most guards look old and female guards are mostly plumb and clumsy in their movements. Some of them seemed to use uniforms that were not washed for weeks and gave out foul smell. Wonder how many feel safe and secure because of them though they may be effective as a deterrent for petty thefts, shopliftings and unauthorised entry. I have visited many guarded condos and never failed to gain entries. Even when stopped, most reasons were accepted without much challenges.

There were also many occasions whereby I saw people challenging security guards and abused them with foul languages and threatening further actions. Some of these people are hardly reasonable and they were mostly well dressed and spoke mainly in english.

Really doubt their effectiveness because it seems that they are powerless against aggressive people. Pitied them when I saw them got bullied liked nobody business.

Hopefully, youngsters will not be in the occupation of security. It is a job for the educated who will be more professional in dealing with the public.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

How much a security guard is being paid depends on how much he is guarding.

Anonymous said...

Redbean is implying those guarding Monetary Authority Of Singapore are paid with kilos of gold ?

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