So long never heard of CPIB

It has been quite a long while since we last heard of CPIB. Today there is a report involving a police officer taking bribes of $300 a month for facilitating the operation of a massage parlour. Actually it is not like that. The police officer was paying rather than receiving. He paid someone to stand in for him in getting a massage parlour licence. The lack of CPIB in the news is good news. It is the best statement that corruption has been totally wiped out, or nearly wiped out from this place. We are very clean. No more corruption, especially in high places. Another feather in our cap.


Anonymous said...

Thought yesterday got news of MOM officer kena?

Anonymous said...

'We are very clean. No more corruption, especially in high places'

Any surveys or statistics to support?

Anonymous said...

Can google for them






Anonymous said...

'We are very clean. No more corruption, especially in high places'

Aiyoh...i think u mistaken - they meant there's NO BEGGARS

You go down New York, Broadway. You will see the beggars, people of the streets...Where are the beggars in Singapore? Show me."

God of No Mercy

Anonymous said...

Where got corruption in high places? They are already very well paid and are uncorruptible.

If corruption exists in high places they will face the wrath of 'God of No Mercy'.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The policy of paying very well to prevent corruption is definitely working.

Those that were caught were usually the small fries that were not pay enough.

Anonymous said...

The top is safe. Now to pay the next level well, then they no corrupt also.

Anonymous said...

The next level downwards just wait long long.

Anonymous said...

Just reported that wages in fact went down last year for the lower levels. How to reach the next level like this?

Overturn the upturn?

Anonymous said...

IF what were widely claimed in Blogs of 'legalized or leegalized' corruptions, then much corruptions are lawful and not punishable. How useful is CPIB then?


Anonymous said...

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