Singapore cannot stomach US rubbish!

The self proclaimed god of the world published a report putting Singapore on a watchlst for human trafficking. Singapore has hit back claiming the the US should look at itself as human trafficking is a very serious problem there. The joke is that the US ranked itself as the best in the ranking, right at the top. I think there is no need to scream our lungs out. In the first place we should control our media and avoid reporting rubbish and biased articles from the Americans and helping them to push their agenda. Such stupid reports should never be published in our media. We should exercise more discretion to report on worthy stuff. In fact some of our journalists and reporters are also parroting many of the rubbish coming out from the US and the western world. So why blame them if we are so gullible? The second thing we can do is to put up a proposal to the UN to set up a neutral agency to monitor all countries on such issues, including human rights violation in the US. And of course war crimes against humanity that are committed by the Americans all over the world. The UN should take over the role in this kind of reporting, on condition that the analysts are neutrally picked. It would be pointless to have the same clowns and crooks making the reports. Asian media should cease reporting silly and biased articles immediately.


Wally Buffet said...

Just ask the Yanks how many PRCs trafficked to the States as illegal immigrants are working in the kitchens and the sweat shops of New York city alone.

It's the pot calling the kettle black.

But we are not blameless either. Just ask how many women are trafficked here (meaning tricked here) working as "singers and performers" with work permits in Singapore nightspots when in actuality, they are nothing more than the run of the mill KTV hostesses and hookers which the police have, in the past been nabbing by the van loads.

Jaunty Jabber said...

Human trafficking has evolute into self-trafficking. People are self-trafficking themselves.

Anonymous said...

Some came and come to prostitute themselves, however many are conned and or tricked to be here. They are not here just to work, some are here to study, seek business opportunity and some, for marriage to Singapore man.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I suspect the main culprits here are:

1. SDP – hell bent on hammering Singapore by way of international political support. at least when I hammer Singapore I do it as an individual – and unlike the SDP, I have no ‘agenda’ to change Singapore – I want to witness the consequences and have my entertainment experience.

2. Mdm President-In-Waiting: the fat assed Hillary Clinton, power-hungry and always gaming for an international fight.

3. A political ‘agenda’ from Democrats who hate the fact that S’pore is very republican-friendly and espouses free trade, open economy but is strict on controlling civil liberties and the democratic process. The mistake these meddling Americans make: every country deserves the government they get – regardless of whether democracy is in place or not.

Give praise where praise is due: SG.gov gave a good, but not great response. If I were in charge I would have demanded they prove their claims and then apologise.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, who put together the report?

Or, pardon me, who put together the town council report?

Same, same, isn't it?

All is fair. The strong and big just bully the weak and small.

Anonymous said...

There is a little truth in what the US report claims. Redbean, your USA bashing is getting boring. Write about somethng else more interesting or not at all.

Wally Buffet said...

Hehe Patriot,

Only when one is overwhelmed by greed can one be conned.

The village lass is less likely to be tricked here to sell herself if back home she has not been exposed to the evils of the material world.

Every major industrialized country is guilty to a certain extent for human trafficking. The stink comes when one country starts making a big issue out of it and paints itself as spotlessly white.

agongkia said...

There is nothing unusual for the powerful and rich to say whatever they want.No need to defend .This report won't hurt much if we are genuinely innocent.
My poor innocent towkay was wronged by the powerful too.Who to defend him?
Sometime we just need to be accused by someone on something that is not true,only then we will know what is it like to "wan ong" a person wrongfully.

And I am sure many of you got it wrong.Majority of the hookers and KTV meimei are on student or social visit pass .Cases of being tricked here are quite rare.

Wally Buffet said...

Student visit passes were obtained fraudulently. Social visits are for making money not sight seeing.

The go to classes and sleep throughout the lessons. The "teachers" turn a blind eye to what's going on.

They came in on the back of fake credentials because Singapore insists that they must have a certain standard of education before allowing them in as students.

Now you know why there are so many PRC "students" doing research here. Hehe, research into how to fleece gullible old fools of the money in their pockets!

The only way that this rot can be eradicated entirely is when the Sing dollar is on par with the Renminbi.

Anonymous said...

Sometime we need to be accused by others on something that is not true,to make us realise how is it like to be wronged by others and not to make false allegation just to claim credit.

agongkia said...

The fact that the Authority had insisted on the student's requirement on certain standard of education shows that they had taken precaution and had done their part.Social visit pass is given for them to visit as a tourist and it is not easy to tell whether they are here for other purpose .
Teacher turn blind eye becos they have their limit and understand that their pay master,the private school's purpose is to make profit.

Anyway,the absence of PRC hookers actually make Geylang less lively .Where to see pretty model tonight.Ai.....I am lost...

Wally Buffet said...


"The fact that the Authority had insisted on the student's requirement on certain standard of education shows that they had taken precaution and had done their part"

Ah Gong. You really are lost!


Jaunty Jabber said...

There is also trafficking of human embryo.

That's when a couple with fertility problems give a sum of money to a relative or a selected woman, through recommendation of an agent or friends, to reproduce on their behalf.

When the "selected/appointed" woman become pregnant, she will receive a portion of the sum, when the baby is born, she will gets the full.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anonymous 4:45,

The little American truth is that a South Korean naval was sunk. Who did it is yet to be proven. The North Koreans, the Chinese and the Russians are asking to be allowed to evaluate the evidence. But they were not allowed to. What is there to hide if the evidence were real and the truth?

I cannot believe that a newly detonated bomb with steel covered with chemicals can have so many thick barnacle marks on it. And the metals were so rusty as if they have been in the sea water for ages.

Until the other side has been given access to verify the evidence, there is still a big question mark.

American bashing in this blog is nothing is you read the media and see what Americans and western media have been bashing their adversaries daily. The new media allows a different story to be told.

We cannot continue to live with fabricated truths and swallow them without protest. It insults our intelligence. Very degrading for the West to think that we are so shallow and gullible and believe in every shit they said.

Anonymous said...

The US and its' allies deserve attention, they want and love publicity to show their might.

But despite showing themselves to be plastic tigers all these years, they are still intent on getting attentions. So, let us, the small boys and girls, give them some funs. We have nothing to lose and they have plenty of publicity.

Other nations and their leaders have better things to do than to entertain trouble makers.