SDP asking the govt to take full responsibility

SDP is asking the govt to take full responsibility for the graffiti breach. I think this is getting a bit too far. Can blame it on god or not? Eh, don't anyhow point finger can? SMRT may have the S before the MRT, but it is a private company run by private individuals. It has nothing to do with the govt. Temasek and GIC are also run by professional managers. Even privatised hospitals are privatised. Cannot anyhow blame the govt lah. And please don't put too much pressure on organisations to beef up security. Some jokers may just up the ante and go for the full works with private armies and a 20ft wall. And the cost will simply be passed off to the consumers and every commuter will be LL. Let's cool down and look at the problem objectively and don't politicise it. It is just a security breach, or just some cheeky artists trying to be funny.


Anonymous said...

Try telling the Thais or Indonesians that Temasek is privately run and see if they will believe you.

Singaporeans will LL accept it, but outside of Singapore, it is a different matter.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think senility is hitting me today: )

agongkia said...

To me,this is too trivial compare to the many bread and butter issues that need to be addressed.
To do great thing,one should be able to see which is a priority.
But who am I?Why I kaypo on politic?Sorry....

soojenn said...

redbean.. redbean... yes.. you appear to be getting off track..lately

Cannot agree more with anon 11:49am.. who in the world will believe that Temasek is privately run.. probably only LL Singaporeans, especially the ones who rarely leaves the country

For that matter, Singtel, Singapore Airlines, DBS and god knows what other companies are also not perceived as privately run. If you recall, Singtel had a problem to purchase HK Telecom back then, as they are percieved to be government controlled.

Anonymous said...

The best jobs today in SIN are the Parliamentarians and top Civil Servants. Almost All are never and ever answerable or responsible for any blunder. In all past cases and incidents, only very junior staff were found responsible and guilty. Or lifeless organizations and Nature were blamed.

It seems that Top and High Ranking Officials and Privatised Official Medias and Organizations are immuned and or are legally exempted from accountability.

No parliamentarian had ever stepped down, resigned or held oneself responsible for Airline(SQ)/Boat(Laju Laju) Hijacks, escapes of terrorists, criminals and convicts, intrusions into protected places and vandalisms of public properties and commercial irregularities.

So, based on the historical records, SDPs' call to the Governnment to take full responsibility will be like talking to the wall.

It will be better for SDP to do its' best to be the Government or be part of the Government and show itself to be reliable and responsible party.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi soojenn,

As ordinary human beans, it is very difficult to find flaws in the arguments of super beans. Safer to take the position that they are always right, always logical, and always for the good of the people.