Reciprocity in action

We welcome the foreigners to work and live here. We have laws that protect them. We invite them to our homes, organise parties to make them feel welcome. We even waste water which citizens are forbidden to do, to help them celebrate their festivals. And when they are in the lurch, we open our purse to help them. Our govt even went to the extend to convince the people on how important the foreigners are, and how they help and contribute to our economy. In short, we have been very kind to the foreigners. The least we can expect from the foreigners is for them to be decent and law abiding residents. But there will be some black sheep that will not only break our laws but also hurt our citizens in the most cruel ways. These are not the average foreigners working or living here. These are the beasts that would not care a dime if they harm or hack our citizens to death. Shall we be kind to these beasts as well? I always believe that this is our home and the citizens must have that special place in his home. And if foreigners come here to hurt our citizens, we must be very harsh and hard on them. Harsh measures are only targetted at the hard core and vicious criminals and should not be in anyway seen as being anti foreigners. It is anti beasts, anti animals and anti criminals that cause serious injuries to the people. The seven criminals that went out to hack at their victims brutally, do not show mercy on their victims. So they deserve no mercy. By dealing hard on them, we are not only protecting our citizens, but also law abiding foreigners here. We need to keep this place peaceful, orderly and safe.


agongkia said...

Hehehe...Well said,not that I am trying to be funny but my view is still the same.Please bear with me.All men are equal ,whether you are here as a rich tourist to spent money or a foreign worker here to earn our SIN dollars.If one choose to commit a brutal act,local or foreigner,he should answer to it and face the music.
The subject came here by proper procedure.Did he sneak in?Since we are open to FWs then we must also be prepared to face some nonsense from them.I am not encouraging crimes but there is no need to get paranoid on FWs.
If you think we can be safer,then propose to the immigration authority to check with their country of origin whether they have a criminal record before granting approval for them to land.Here again,it doesnt mean they can get the answer and also doesn't mean those with clean record dun commit offence.
Our HT members are not fortune tellers who can tell who will be here to commit crimes.
There are many ways to protect our citizen.One can be a volunteer and patrol the street and can kaylengkaysay ,or if overage,spent our night at the secluded garden .If we cannot get the award for citizen arrest,maybe we can still get the award for being a witness.I am a good citizen aiming for awards.I park my van at the park in my old kampung to look out for any suspicious character or illegal activities at night till some couple thought that I am a chikopek with the intention to peep.
I helped to protect the men in blue before,when they are taking their official break at the park.
But I will never agree that we must see FWs differently just becos of such incident.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Haha agongkia,

I must said that I am strongly biased, in favour of our citizens. If we don't care for our people and don't treat them better than others, then we should not have different tags like citizens, prs or foreign workers etc.

We must always treat our citizens better. It is a sell out to treat our citizens as equals to foreigners. This is what I stand for. Foreigners, no matter how good we treat them, we must still treat our own better, all things being equal.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, you are a bigot. You are always against FWs. You have a bee in your bonnet whenever an incident concerning FWs occurs. Of the many FWs working in Singapore there will definitely be a few bad apples. A crime is a crime and whoever commits that crime should be equally punished. You are suggesting FWs should be punished harsher than if the crime was commited by a Singaporean. You are entitled to your opinion ofcourse, but please try not to be such a bigot.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I don't regard myself as a bigot. I am just being honest. Every govt and people must first look after its own people. It is not only hypocritical but a sell out for a govt to not to look after its people well.

Anyone who travels overseas must make sure that they respect the laws and customs of the host country. This is not only basic courtesy but the right thing to do. Anyone who wants to commit crimes, especially in a foreign land, be prepared to be treated harshly. No country would want to invite criminals into their land.

Why are you so protective of hard core criminals?

This is my country and this is my land. My people must come first.

agongkia said...

Treat our citizen better meh?
hehehe...do you choose to spent five dollar on a cup of coffee in a western cafe operate by foreigner or to spent ninety cent for kopi at our local kopi stall operated by our local citizen?
You sure you will not say our local kopikia untidy and dirty?

I treat our citizen even better.Not only that I support our citizen I also supportlocal products esp.made by our citizen .
Shhh...don't tell others,this one secret,even my undies ,I choose Made in Singapore one.,but I always got cheated.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I had a drink the other night at Blue Mountain. Kind of expensive. But that was not my kind of coffee.

My normal brew is kopi siew tai.

Anonymous said...

"reciprocity in action": sad its not about Australia-Singapore rude fuss.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No need to bother with descendents of convicts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I might just elaborate a bit about the hypocrisies of the western world.

The USA is infamous for genocide against the Red Indians and robbed them of their land, and also practised slavery at a national scale. It now arrogated itself as the champion of human rights.

Australia was the land of convicts and it now wanted to teach the world about good manners and decency.

No need to take them seriously.

Anonymous said...

Much as we know about the hypocrisy of the West, little is done to educate Asians to look at issues from the Asian perspective.

The difficulty lies perhaps in the vast propaganda machine, that is the Western media, books, films and some Asian leaders are always eager to snooze up to the imperialist powers for protection and patronage. They sang the same tune. In this respect I must admire Mahathir, whatever his faults.

Yeah, no need to take their preachings seriously.