Our soldiers in Afghanistan!

We have a medical team in Afghanistan helping to treat the wounded under a Nato led International Security Assistance Force, a peace keeping mission. Wonder when have we become part of Nato? Our soldiers were brave. Risking their lives to save lives when artillery shelves were exploding around them. But the risk is very low, according to one of the brave soldiers. They used to say that brave soldiers are dead soldiers. But ours are alive and smart. The camp is so big, at least 11km wide. So the chances of a bomb hitting on them is very low. Maybe one in a million. I pray that none of them will get an equivalent of a purple heart. Why is this not a UN led mission but a Nato led mission? What's the difference? A UN mission is sanctioned by the UN, though the UN is not that respectable in neutrality, at least it is not part of an empire. Nato is part of an empire. And are we part of the empire? Or maybe this is a UN mission but commanded by Nato.


Wally Buffet said...

"Newly minted" citizens should be made to serve national service as a token of their absolute loyalty to Singapore.

A detachment should be formed for such enlistees. And what better place for them to prove to other Singaporeans that they are prepared to don colours for us and maybe even die in the process than the arid battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan?

When this actually happens, I will immediately stop my harangue against these foreign "talents" and unconditionally retract everything I have bad mouthed against them.

Finances permitting, I may even take a full page advert. in our esteemed Straight Times to welcome and embrace these "newly minted" citizens.

Do consider this suggestion. It's a win win for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Our soldiers have proven to be brave men and women as they should be.
If they went to war zones voluntarily to test themselves or to seek thrills, well and good. Soldiers should preferably have real combat experiences and not paper(theoretical) combatants. Their war zone experiences will be very useful to train others in the armed forces.

The US is the godfather of Nato and SIN is the godnephew of the US. No secret that our leaders have the US as their granduncle and protector.


Anonymous said...

The Kiasu and Kiasi Singaporeans will never fight in Afganistan. If the did, all casualties will be shot in the back.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Singapore sucks America's dick once again.

I'm not surprised. Singapore is a defacto American state whose leadership has increasingly become a puppet of Uncle Sam.

Anonymous said...

'Or maybe this is a UN mission but commanded by Nato'

Exactly. A failure in Afghanistan therefore is a failure on the shoulders of NATO. The Russians already tasted defeat there after years of fighting, so what is the expectation from NATO? The US is not interested because there is no oil in Afghanistan to speak of. Oil-rich Iraq is what they want.

When the Russians were coveting Afghanistan, the US were helping the Afghans not because they love the Afghans, but because they were afraid of the Russians setting up base in the Middle East and thus exerting influence over the oil rich states of the Middle East.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Karzai just announced a huge reserve of rare metals being found in Afghanistan. And it was found by the Americans.

The Americans will have no reason to leave now and the American public will now be convinced that it is worthwhile to stay there.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, can you not post so many photos on your blog, it takes soooooo long to load up anf PC usually freeze for a minute before active again. Getting a little fed-up with this inconvenience.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anonymous,

I think you need to get a new pc. My laptop is already 2 years old and doesn't have any problem loading up. The only one that is giving me some delay is the office main frame which has several layers of firewall.

Time to upgrade my fren. New pcs or laptops are relatively very cheap today.


Anonymous said...

Mountainous countries are all rich in minerals. The mountains of Myanmar are full of jade and other precious stones.

I wonder what we have inside Bukit Timah hill?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh I forget to add, my pics have all been resized downwards and only take about 25 kb each from 4mb. Should be easy to download.

soojenn said...


slow in loadng..not only becoz of computer/firewall.. more of it have to do with the broadband speed..

I have no problem in HK.. with 100MB - 1 GB. In Sydney/London for e.g, it takes ages as the speed to cost factor, allows only a speed of 10MB. Singapore is just as slow.. maybe a little bit better than Sydney/London

"I wonder what we have inside Bukit Timah hill?"

Maybe full of shit like what our millionaire ministers are full of.. hahaha

your pics - taken by you or like kong hee? hehe

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi soojenn, there is one thing in common between Bt Timah and our ministers. Every kilo is worth its weight in gold: )

My photos are genuinely mine lah. Just my past time. No plagiarism for sure.