A once in 50 years scenario

With so many foreign workers here, all hungry and in a hurry to make the extra dollar, it is so easy for someone or some issue to agitate them into a riot. Their numbers can be frightening when organised or behave like a mob. The decent and law abiding locals will be easy meat to be hacked just like the recent case of 7 Sarawakians running amok. I just hope that no one will stand out to say that this is not expected and they were caught off guard.


Wally Buffet said...

My sentiments exactly.

Think and plan constantly. Don't wait for something to happen and then soothe with words. It merely becomes academic.

For starters, the Little India area is a tinder boxed little part of Singapore seemingly immune to the culture of our well ordered society. Try driving around the place on a weekend evening and you will see hordes of people jaywalking and blocking all the access roads. Not to mention the littering offences that ordinary Singaporeans would immediately be brought to book. There are outsourced "security" details doing their rounds but they seem to be taking a stroll through the park instead of enforcing proper behaviour of the crowd.

Above is a tip for the "planners" and the "brains" absolutely gratuitous!

Anonymous said...

Well, if in Little India, security personnel are seen to be taking a stroll through the park instead of enforcing proper behaviour of the crowd, it just reflects the ruler's orders of being nice and taking good care of foreigners. Not really a surprise.

They will do a proper job if it is an event organised by Dr. Chee or Low. Then, even a farting sound will be recorded and investigated.

Anonymous said...

Time bomb?
Latent human tsunami?
Future Leaders? Or
Potential PAP Voters?

Matilah_Singapura said...

It'll be an awesome event if there was a race riot involving locals and foreigners.

If I were in-charge of inciting this riot, it would be best done around National Day so S'pore security forces could really show their stuff by hammering and the barbaric foreign uprising.

That should spice up ND celebrations a bit.