Ngiam Tong Dow added his weight

Ngiam added his 2 cents worth to the foreign talent debate and shared his views that we need our own people to run our big corporations and country. This is nothing to do with being xenophobic. It is being natural, charity begins at home, and not being stupid. Philanderers can come in different forms. One of which is throwing good money to foreigners and leaving your own kind in the cold. It is also very insulting to say that your own kind is useless and incapable. It is so embarassing and shameful to take the position that all the supertalents that we crowed about daily and could not find one to run our big local banks. Maybe we have heard too much from Mahathir and agreed with him that our children cannot measure up to more superior foreigners. Bloody shit! Our talents graduated from Ivy League universities in the US/UK and many top their class or with first class degrees. What did the foreigners have to show? I remember one attended a Harvard or MIT one month programme, or something like that, and claimed to be from the universities. Wee Cho Yaw must stand firm and prove to the jokers that Singaporeans can do the job equally well. Make UOB the number bank in Singapore, bigger and more successful than DBS and OCBC, with footprints around the world. But make sure not to buy rotten apples and paid for them like real gold. There is an urgency to dismiss the myth that Singapore has no talents of its own and we need to depend on foreign talents to bring us forward. If we don't provide the chances to our own kind, who is going to give them the chances? Look at our artistes at MediaCorp. If MediaCorp did not use them, they would not get any offer from Hongkong, Taiwan or China. As extras for Hollywoods maybe. But with MediaCorp, they are now stars and celebrities in their own rights.


Wally Buffet said...

Opportunists decry patriots like Mr. Ngiam for looking at our own human resources first before scanning the horizon for real talents instead of half baked crooks and quacks masquerading as such.

Some gave the excuse that if Singapore is so internationalized we should embrace the world's human resources instead of conscientiously nurturing and supporting our own.

What a puke of hogwash!

These buggers never heard of charity beginning at home. All they care about is getting jobs that rightfully belongs to the citizens of this country.

It's high time we become more nationalistic and f@#k the global village concept.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Wally Buffet and chua Chin leng, your names and comments are in seah chiang nee's latest article

Anonymous said...

Mr Redbean, a big bulk of the artistes from mediacorp are also from malaysia. the management of mediacorp apparently is a believer that talents are scarce in singapore that is why they conduct mass recruitment exercise in malaysia every now and then.


Anonymous said...

If Singapore has so many talented people then why are you importing foreigners to hold the very top positions? If it were possible to hire FTs for the MP positions then I am sure FTs will do a better job than the MPs you have now. Look at the way the town councils are being run. Any FT will be able to perform better. Singapore is in dire need of FTs for all the important jobs, if not for the FTs Singapore will be in deeeeeep shit.

agongkia said...

I remember Mr Ngiam talk about our local's productivity before.

Anyway,why not?Maybe that Ang Mo dun cost so much.Maybe he really got hidden talent.If we can get FT to hold senior post in our civil service,why can't bank take in FT for their top mgt post.Dun you think with an Ang Mo around,it look more impressive.They call it image.
Go to the counter and see our local counter girl.Almost all got Ang Mo names.So what is wrong having an Ang Mo to lead them.The staff can be more proud and can be more motivated and thus be more productive.

On artistes,do you know the 'sacrifice' one may have to make,we can meh?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi stephanie and all, and welcome to the blog stefi.

With today's plastic surgeon and make up artiste skills, we can model our frontline staff and CEOs to look every inch an AngMo. A little nose job, skin pigmentation, hair colouring, and of course speech training. And western cooking classes and wine appreciation classes will complete the make up.

ABCs can be an interim solution while we gear up for the transformation. Oh, I forgot the height. I think can lengthen the femur and a few more inches with high heels.

We can have our own local angmos.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Chiang Nee is the doyen of the media world. I always read his articles in the Star or Littlespeck.com.

Anonymous said...

Me just like to say Mr Ngiam Tong Dow is a patriot.

Unlike the other retired parliamentarians who disassociated themselves from the affairs of the state and the people, Mr Ngiam is actively and passionately contributing ideas towards the wellbeings of the people and the state.

As a Singaporean, me says Thank You Mr Ngiam, You have my utmost respect.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> There is an urgency to dismiss the myth that Singapore has no talents of its own and we need to depend on foreign talents to bring us forward <

I think you are missing the point entirely.

If there are foreigners doing the work, the locals can take time off and pursue pleasures or do somthing more "selfless" like spend time with their family or some needy cause.

The Roman and Greeks did it: they used foreigners to do the work whilst the locals drank wine, had sex, attended drama and theatre and played sport. Granted, back in those days the "foreigners" were slaves captured in conquest... but hey, that's just a tiny irrelevant difference.

C'mon man, be more positive!

Anonymous said...

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