The most regrettable thing

While everyone is breathing the World Cup, the most regrettable thing is not being able to cheer for our team in the competition. Some even dreamt or made belief that our team is indeed in the competition and will be playing against this team or that team. We have so much money, why can't we go and buy a good team to represent us and then we can shout ourselves silly. And for those who can afford it, they can all fly to Johannesburg to cheer for our team and plant our flag there. It will be so glorious. Let's not miss out in the next World Cup. We have so many talented talent scouts and we should put them to work to pick our future winners and bring them here to prepare them for the next cup. And we can emulate the South Koreans, erect stages at the padang with big screens and big Singapore flag to be unfurled at the victorious moment. And I am sure Singaporeans would not mind paying $200 to the telcos for airing the game if we are in the running. It will be something worthy to watch on the box. We want the World Cup trophy. Then we can announce to the world we have arrived as a nation.


agongkia said...

What is there to regret?What is there to cheer when my singaporean comrades are facing so much difficulties and I can't help much .
The S$200 u mentioned that singaporean would not mind paying does not apply to me.Only rich man say that.You will misled Garmen to think that singaporean can afford S$200 for these nonsense and u are causing the poor to be poorer as a result.
That S$200 can help me in paying bills and many things and its a matter of life and death to many people.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, I think you have got it all wrong. Buying a team of foreign born soccer players will be just like the table tennis China born player Singapore bought. Even when they become world champions, Singaporeans would still look down on them or their win. I think with the money you are willing to spend on buying the team, you should spend it on growing your own Singaporean born talents. However, you have a problem here, ALL Singaporean parents will not allow their sons or daughters to devote any time to a ball. They would rather their children rote learn all their fomulae and theories to pass exams. The Rooneys, Beckhams, Ronaldos are from the children who started kicking a football very soon after they learnt to walk, in the back streets of their housing estates. How many Singaporean parents would allow that??? Right Redbean???

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I dunno leh. I think in some quarters they will be very proud to have the World Cup trophy here at any cost. Maybe they are preparing a budget for it now and all it needs is more people to say they want the trophy badly.

Those who want the trophy must give positive signals and we will have our trophy. But these kind of people are like those who have plenty of money and not knowing what to do. So they are willing to spend millions on paintings and things of fancy.

Yes, the parents here will not allow their children to go full time into sports except for a very few. No matter how their children dislike the academic route, they will still insist on paying for more tuitions to want that piece of paper. They cannot accept that successful can be in many fields, not necessarily academic. And many are even more successful than those with straight As.

We have to change this mindset and throw our seeds in different fields.

If Beckham and Rooney were born here, their parents would not allow them to play football for sure.

Anonymous said...

I think parents cannot be blamed for this state of affairs. In Singapore, unless you are good like Fandi, how far can you go if you are just an average player?

The point is, playing football or other sports is hardly a career for most people here. Yes some may go into coaching to earn their keeps after their playing days are over, but how many? Most will end up as, well, storekeepers, security guards or hawking. It is the reality.

The other point is, unlike other countries, footballers can earn much more or even enough to retire after 30 or so. Here, you will earn just enough to survive for the day, but then will probably be discarded and forgotten like trash after playing for your country.

Does Tan Howe Liang ring a bell?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Tan Howe Liang was borne at a time when sports was not commercialised. And at that time, idealism was still in vogue. Today, everything is about what is it for me, or how much will one be paid.

Idealism and virtues have gone to the dogs. People who believe in idealism and virtues are plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

I think the Singapore Lions will do better than the North Koreans if they played against the Brazilians. They could have scored at least 4 goals.

The Brazilians will all be on the ground, laughing themselves crazy at the Lions.