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More condos in CBD

And more residents will call Shenton Way their home. The developers are all smiling with rental in CBD commanding a high premium as well as the properties commanding high prices. But what is it for the citizens? The residents calling Shenton Way home may all be foreigners, or the majority may be foreigners. And who are the locals buying up these properties, not many HDB upgraders but the rich who have already many properties in their pockets. It is great news for profit generating. How does it fit in to nation building, to the welfare and living standards of the citizens? How many citizens will benefit from such grandeur and high living lifestyle and expensive homes? With no checks and balances, with no links to nation building and the uplifting of the people, who would enjoy all these beautiful condos? Sure, some citizens are laughing all the way to the banks. The CBD will be more vibrant, but for who and for what?


Anonymous said...

Just like to say that me will be sad to see the Tanjong Pagar Train Station replaced by highrise buildings. The concrete jungle that this tiny dot has became feels so artificial and lifeless.


Anonymous said...

More pubs and discos and french restaurants and drinking holes for the chi chi crowd. If you look around the Clarke Quays, there are always more foreigners than locals. This is what our government consider "vibrant" - i.e. having more french restaurants and drinking holes - to become a peudo western country. Even our Permanent Secretary also go all the way to France to learn French cooking.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans should all be happy that this little red dot is becoming a vibrant hub for the rich and famous. The ordinary folks in Singapore shpuld also be thankful because they can be proud that their country has gain a prominent position in the bright and attractive cities of the world. Sure most will not be able to own a property in the Shenton Way area, but please do not begrudge those who can. If you are not rich enough to own expensive property you must not be envious or be jealous, Be satisfied with what you have got. No one is left behind in Singapore. Most are property owners, albeit a HDB flat. Just be thankful you have a roof over your head, there are many who do not even have that!!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

The best "welfare" for the people is to leave them alone to mind their own business.

Singapore -- a tiny island -- is already WAY over-governed. NY City for e.g. has 11 million people and is essentially governed by a mayor and his staff. OK there is also the presence of the US Fed Govt -- but that can't be helped.

Living in the city is nice condos is spectacular. Many of the luxuary hotels are in the city, and the city swings because of all that international, cosmopolitan activity.

Give it a break lah redbean -- your stance as "de facto spokeperson for the (so-called) needy" is both humourous and nauseating -- depending on one's mood I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Redbean has elected himself to ne the champion of the "ordinary" folks in Singapore. He like everyone else on the island is materialistic and "money-face". Everyone in Singapore wish they can be one of the elites and live in Holland Road, Sixth Avenue or in one of the multi-million dollar condos. When they cannot, they bitch and run down those who are capable and successful. I call that envy.

Anonymous said...

What we need in CDB are more hotel 81

agongkia said...

This is expected.I only hope that those buildings with historical value like temples,churches,mosques etc and even the train station with years of history to be preserved and remain untouched.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My stand is that the govt must always look at the longer good of the people and country. This is not an issue of envy or crying for those who could not afford CBD living.

We build and sell land and properties for what and for who? Chasing after monetary profits without looking at the long term good of country and people can lead to disastrous consequences in the long run.

agongkia said...

Mr Bean ,this one I fully agree with you.
Patriot also have this great thinking.
It is not bad to see the original hearsay Tanjong Pagar beach with flying fishes with spikes being stuck on the intentionally planted banana trees in tact.
But time changed.Original settlers and their descendents just got to give way unknowingly to the rich .

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

For short term profit, better to sell papers like I have just posted today. A new kind of derivatives I supposed.