Mahathir continues to insult Malays

After leading Malaysia down the racist road for more than 20 years, he finally revealed what he really is. Mahathir spoke at a Melayu Bangkit rally in Kuala Trengganu. As reported in Malaysiakini, he warned the Malays that they would suffer the fate of their cousins in Singapore, becoming a minority and unprotected by the Govt. He was partially right but mostly wrong. The minority status of the Singapore Malay came about by chance, or a legacy of the British Empire. The majority Chinese did not consciously planned it that way. Two, the status of the Malays here is like they are being deprived and in a sorry state, according to Mahathir. Is that so? Many of the Malays here are better educated and trained professionally than the elite that he created with half baked degrees and education. He should be envious of the state of professional development of the Malays in Singapore vis a vis those in Malaysia. Three, with all the Malay Rights enshrined in the Malaysian Constitution, with Malays in the majority, with Malays in absolute control of political power, with the non Malays conceding the status of Malay Rights in the Constitution, there is not an ounce of a chance that the Malays will lose their prime status in Malaysia. And there are no colonial masters to put a gun at their foreheads, no colonial District Officers to manage the Sultans. The Malaysian Malays are highly politicized and know their rights and no one can take that away from them. So what is Mahathir fanning? He is still deriding the Malays as an incapable race, a genetically flawed race that cannot compete with other races on merits. Unfortunately many Malays believe in his proclamation, that they are an inferior race. Is that the truth? Does Mahathir think that because he is not a pure Malay he can look down on the Malays? Are the Malays going to continue to accept the insults from Mahathir as the truth? The Malays in Singapore have proven many times that they can do it, compete with everyone on equal terms. Many Malays students are among the top students in schools here. Is that enough proof that given the right environment and motivation, they don’t need the crutch. They are fully able to stand on their two feet. But if they are taught and repeatedly told that they are no good, how are they to gain the confidence to have faith in their own abilities? They have to thank Mahathir for the crutch mentality.


Anonymous said...

Forgive that sick old man. He will never shut his mouth until the day he kicks the bucket. Just treat him as an senile and unwanted discard.

Wally Buffet said...

He can't get out of the psychosis that he is just half or lesser Malay and a pariah so he makes such speeches to show his Malayness. The big wonder is just why he aren't arrested for sedition when lesser mortals are already thrown into the slammer.

F@#k him. Because of this ass, my investments in Clob got "imprisoned" in the Malaysian Exchange "jail" for more than 5 years.

Now, also because of him, I will not sink one cent in Malaysia and neither will anyone whom I have any modicum of influence with.

Paul said...

If "the minority status of Singapore Malays came about by chance" then why do we have immigration policies designed to ensure that forever the Chinese will retain a 75% majority....

Singaporeans are not stupid. They know that we live in a racist state and have come to terms with it. As long as we can make enough money so our children have a chance to migrate or maybe survive until racism ends in this country, we will stay here. Besides, this is our country too despite what some people like to think!!!

Agree that Mahathir is probably a racist - almost as racist as the Singapore leadership including the token minorities that are placed there

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Paul,

In the beginning, it was by chance, and also a big contribution by the British. The Chinese and Indians came here only for work. They don't intend to stay. Their homeland was China and India. they retained their nationality and waiting to make enough money to return to their motherland.

When both Malaya and Singapore gained self ruled and independence, the people became politicised. Once politics became the dominant force, no groups would want to lose their political influence. And there is always the fear that if they become a minority, the new majority may not be that kind and generous.

That is politics. Self preservation. Go anywhere it is the same.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I am quite sick of this talk about racism. Anything that does not allow the minority to have an advantage/special privileges is deemed racist.

Exactly which policy stipulates that the majority has to be Chinese? Which policy? Or is it a matter of interpretation?

It's getting to sound like a PMS woman who finds fault with everything.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

As long as the world is divided under colours and creed or religion, mankind will never live together in peace. Look at Krysgyzstan, the Uzbeks and the Kurds...

Given the experience of racial conflicts where the majority will attempt to decimate the minorities, the fear of being decimated is real.

Yes, no one says or dictates that the majority here shall be Chinese. But since the coming of this nation, it has been that way. And my personal view is that it will be foolish and extremely dangerous for the majority to become a minority. They can see from what have happened around the region what their fate will be under an unkind and ungenerous majority.

The politicians must have come to an agreement that the status quo shall stay or else one group will try to outdo the other to change the balance. And you will have ethnic strife.

The compromise solution is for the majority to be sensitive to the interests of the minorities and be as generous as they can towards them.

Should the majority allow themselves to become a minority like in Malaysia? Should the majority allow the population to grow to a state when the 3 major groups are about 30% each of the total population?

We should all blame the evil old man who divided civilisation into different racial groups and speaking in different tongues so that they will be divided forever and not able to challenge his authority.

Anonymous said...

Wow.....majority and minority in Races, elite and non-elite in survivals and the ruler and the rule in control of the country.

After one big round, the majority race of both Malaysia and Singapore have to be the ways they are now for peace co-existences. And this seems to be the conclusion of the debates here.

Luckily, the people of both countries have been sensible thus far. Let us keep it this way and make the rojak(mixture of different races) population more tolerant with better integrations, hence peaceful and vibrant.

Anonymous said...

How many of you agree with Mahathir that the Malays are an inferior race? For if you think so, then the Malays should only be fit for the reservations like the Red Indians, forever be protected by some govt.

It is like saying that they are inferior to everyone in the world. What an insult, or unpleasant truth?

Anonymous said...

Too bad, the world is full of stubborn men, who, though proven wrong, still continue to talk like they are the real saviors.

Thankfully, they cannot continue holding power indefinitely.

The sad fact is, this joker is like a toothless, old, senile lion who just cannot accept the fact that his roaring days are over.

Paul said...

Thanks Chin Leng for your response.

I guess racism is a form of self preservation by trying to preserve who we think are the same species - on both sides of the Causeway.

The biological reality is that we are all one species and I hope that this message will get across to people like Dr M and the people who dictate that we can only have service sector workers from East Asia but not South Asia ("The list differs from sector to sector. For the service sector, work permit holders can come only from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Taiwan and China." Straits Times, 5 June 2010 via http://yawningbread.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/foxconn-wage-rise-spells-trouble-for-singapore/#more-625)

Anonymous said...

And what is so racist about that?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In govt and statecraft, there are many factors to consider, economic, social, political, security etc. They are many angles to every issue.

Is the Town Council Report a political statement? It all depends on who is looking at it. The important thing is the intent of the people coming out with the report.

I say no, he says yes. It can go on and on. The truth will be the truth. Who is lying?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In my honours class there were two Malays in our group of 7 students. And they were as good as anyone of us. And we have not the slightest doubt of their abilities. It was never an issue.

Anonymous said...

The tale of 2 old retired prime ministers. The less successful one trying to create some racial tension in the land of the very successful one. One who is not respected by many of his own race in his own country against one who has attained international fame and respect. What else can an old senile man do to attract more attention? Sad for him, even his successors did not bother about him, short of telling him to shut up.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

He actually wanted to make the speech on May 13. Fortunately the new elite know what he was up to and postpone it to a much later date.

Trying to start a fire?

Anonymous said...

Stupid old man still trying to make a come back. When is he ever going to give up the idea of returning to power. He said he was not interested to be Senior Minister or Minister Mentor. So why still harbour thoughts of returning to power.What else can win him votes than to touch on racial issues. But he has forgotten the fact that the majority modern day Malaysian Malays are no longer rubber tappers and padi field farmers. Today they are well educated and can read what he is up to. All we can remember about him was he built the Twin Towers ( white elephants) which is no more than 1/2 occupied and Putrajaya ( we heard which is like ghost town at night ). He did not even have the powers of judgment to pick the right successor to run the country. Why else did he throw one to prison for sodomy and criticise the next two that came along...One other thing...it takes a crooked man with a crooked mind to build a crooked bridge too!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

His racial policies had retarded Malaysia's growth by at least one generation. His other great harm to Malaysia was to practically do away with English in schools.

Anonymous said...

This old devil is always extremely jealous and full of hatred for Singapore,so, we are used to his insults. He is more of a threat to his own country, Malaysia's national security for trying to stir-up racial problems, is no better than a terrorist, probably worse. He is capable of stirring up a civil war within his own country if he is not kept in check. While his successors had painstakingly worked hard at getting the different races to live in harmony, and that's the way the country should go to progress, he is actually out there to destroy what they have done with idiotic statements. And all this bullshit about sodomy, homosexuality etc. He should be put away into seclusion under ISA to maybe somewhere remote like Langkawi Island perhaps, and on humanitarian ground, give him a piece of land to do chicken farming till the day he collapse

Anonymous said...

Senior Minister ? No, he is not interested.
Minister Mentor ? Not quite interested too.

He should be known as Minister
M-E-N..tal T-O-R..ture to his new ministers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Mahathir missed and improtant point: Malay chicks when they're young -- and haven't yet eaten too much nasi padang -- are foxy hot stuff, that sends males of all cultures (aka "races") into paroxyms of lust and uncontrollable urges to copulate with these smokin women.

There are even rumours of a certain member of parliament's offspring (ex telco boss) having a smouldering affair with one of these specimens.

Also Malay chicks are trained from young to control thier vaginal muscles. Yes, boys, we all know what "kumut" means... or at least we've been told.

So Dr Mahathir, you're wrong!

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Anonymous said...

The common interests of a society are best served by the pursuit of individual interests on a level playing field (which must be open and transparent) under the framework of the rule of law (which must be efficient and non-corrupt) with a certain degree of social responsibility and social justice.

I cannot say the above belief is always true, but unless and until someone can convince me otherwise, I find it very difficult not to adhere to my belief.

Malaysia is a country with a lot of potential. But unfortunately, we do not have policies that ensure we’ve a competitive level playing field that will allow all Malaysians to compete and excel on a level playing field. This is hindering Malaysia and Malaysians from scaling new heights in all areas (Science, Technology, Economic developments, etc.)

We’re not just competing among ourselves (Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc.) in Malaysia, we must see the global picture, we’re competing globally against all the best from all countries (US, Germany, Japan, etc.) around the world.Unless we’ve a competitive level playing field in Malaysia, otherwise we’ll never catch up with the advanced countries (like US, Germany, Japan, etc.), let alone to compete with these advanced countries.
It is time for Malaysia to realize, if we care about Malaysia, if we aspire to be the best, Malaysia must change and implement policies that ensure we’ve a competitive level playing field that will allow all Malaysians to compete and excel on a level playing field in all areas of endeavors.

Malaysia is a country with a lot of potential.With competitive level playing field, with good and clean government, there’s no doubt we can make Malaysia the best in the world with all the different races living and progressing in harmony.