Low Teo Ping for President

The contest for the President of SAAA is hotting up with Low Teo Ping throwing in his hat. I think we can't find a better candidate than Low Teo Ping given his sparkling track record in sailing. His team of local boys and girls are world beaters. These are 100% local bred. No need to buy from other countries. Low could repeat what he did for sailing in athletes if he takes over the helm. He should be given the post of Ministers for Sports to give him the authority to revamp the whole system that is increasingly relying on money to buy glory, buying foreing talents to carry our flag and fight our fight. Low Teo Ping is the man.


Anonymous said...

i prefer the former matland jamban lady...she got a golden touch :)

Wally Buffet said...

I recommend we employ a foreign talent to run the sporting show. Let's go the whole hog and make it a thoroughly foreign managed affair and when they do win medals, have the word "Imported" stamped on the back of their T shirts.


Anonymous said...

Please lah, we already have too many ministers.