Jong Tae Se moved to tears

He was born and brought up in Japan. He is a North Korean striker at the World Cup representing North Korea. He was in tears when the North Korean National anthem was played. This is the kind of national pride to be a citizen of a country. He needed not return to his 'poverty stricken country according to western reports.' He could stay in Japan and live a good materialistic life. But his heart is in his home country. He ached for not scoring a goal against Brazil. The great fighting spirit of the North Koreans has won the hearts of many around the world. Their Southern brothers are all in admiration of what they have done. They are one people and one nation but divided at the moment. And they never forget that they are one. I hope this World Cup will bring the two divided states and people closer and to reunite eventually. Let not the evil countries try to fix them up and make them go to war to kill each other. The world will be a better place if the two Koreas are reunited as one country. North Koreans and South Koreans should rise to the occasion to show the world that they are one people. They are Koreans, nothing more, nothing less.


Anonymous said...

It only right that they are united, how that comes about; through war or love is not an issue. Get united first.

Any independent country that exists as vassal state of another nation does not deserve independence.


Anonymous said...

Vietnam is another example of what reunification can do. Are they also not doing well as a communist state?

The purpose of division is to enable those with political agendas to divide and rule or control. They want to be there, to maintain bases there and to do that, they will create disturbances using gullible third parties or the CIA to do so.

Anonymous said...

i am impressed by him. the goalscorer in the brazil game got only $34 in annual salary.

Can you imagine the mental strength in this team?

singapore lions can perform better if they just emulate a tenth of N.korea

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The North Koreans better be on their guards. The Choenan Incident is only the beginning of a big conspiracy. They will be eyeing the North Korean teams for defectors. They will try to tempt them with money. If not they make kidnap some and fake a defection case. Hide the kidnapped footballer and not allowing him to tell the truth.

North Korea, beware!

Anonymous said...

My Fren;

You are being suspicious.

However, Your Conspiracy Theory is probable and may happen.

The World beware.

Forgive me for the little plagiarism.