It is getting nearer

Everything seems to be progressing smoothly. Now we shall be waiting for the new boundaries and a list of new faces to appear before the big day is announced. Oh, and plenty of good news coming too. I am sure the opposition parties have a long list of agenda to thrash during the election rally. One of my wish list is to revert the CPF schemes to its original terms with the new terms as optional, voluntary. This will allow the people to withdraw their Medisave, minimum sum and also to decide if they want or do not want to sink their money in any insurance schemes. Of course the high HDB prices will be a great issue to boot. And hospitalisation bill that seems to go one way will be good for discussion too. Hope the opposition parties are will prepared this time and goreng the real issues as best they could, and not be disqualified for some silly mistakes. The first salvo has been fired at the Town Councils.


Wally Buffet said...

You forgot to mention the issue of the great deluge of foreign "talents". Any opposition that makes this their campaign issue sure will strike a chord in the hearts and minds of true blue Singaporeans and score a goal one.

Restore our red passport to it's old glory! Don't cheapen it further by giving it away like a charity drive prize, just to attract waitresses, cooks, masseuses, bus drivers, construction workers etc. And for fark sake, scrutinize each application with a fine tooth comb from so called "professionals" with fake credentials. Is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

Why blame the faceless organizations like town council?

It is the people that run the town councils liked blood suckers that tarnished the town councils.

Anyway, Singaporeans need to rid this land of bloodsuckers, be they in the town councils, in the market or in the Cabinet.


Anonymous said...

By the way, the Blood Suckers are also SINs' slave drivers that force us to be their suckers.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They all meant well. Town Councils must buck up and do their jobs to look after the estate. I hope they have stop spending time trying to make more money in investing.

It is also good advice to residents to pay more if they want better service. Good services don't come cheap. And world class service standards come with world class prices.

Anonymous said...

Who says good services don't come cheap? The opposition ward residents have, for years, been paying less in Service and Conservancy charges. Why isn't this factored into the survey? Good, cheap and better!

When they ranked Tanjong Pagar number one, I almost fell off my chair. Anyway, I understand many people fell off their chairs lately, at the gaffe of the men in white.

If you recall, a 7 year old girl fell from the 4th story due to a maintenance lapse of the corridor railings, only last year. Yet, suddenly, Tanjong Pagar tops the rankings as the best maintained estate within a couple of months.

I suspect this survey was called just to help restore Tanjong Pagar's tarnished reputation, bearing in mind who is one of the MP. The knuckledusters must have came down hard on some people.

Anyway, suspicions abound over the high rankings of Tanjong Pagar, Marine Parade and Ang Mo Kio. They are hemmed by VIP MPs.

I don't think opposition voters care two hoots about the survey because they know better. In the end it is their vote that matters, not people outside the constituency.

Anyway, the opposition MPs have already been deemed to have done a good job, from a forecast of rubbish piling up to the third storey, to what they are today.

Too much exaggeration can sometimes backfire and I think this survey is one of them.