Israelis raid on Aid flotilla

Israel conducted a raid on the Aid Flotilla heading to Gaza in international water. 10 of the Arabs or Turks were killed and several wounded. The US as usual expressed regrets! That's all. And they were asking for blood in Korea. The saddest part is that all the Arab world could do is to demonstrate and cry for revenge. And revenge is something they are incapable of. And an even saddest part is that they will be hit and hit again by the Israelis at will, any time, any place, and all the Arabs could do will still be demonstration and crying for revenge, beating their own chests and hurting themselves. China was in the same shit hole when it was weak and helpless. Today, see who dares to attack or hit out at China. The Belgrade Incident will never be repeated again. That was the last incident that the Chinese will accept without hitting back. The next time China will hit back. Iran and North Korea are getting stronger, and to think of hitting these two countries is a dicey thing. For the attackers will not know what would hit them in return. There is merit in being strong and powerful and being able to defend yourself. For the rest of the Arab world, enjoy your crying and demonstration. They can continue to do these eternally if they remain weak, divided, and helpless. The Arabs are the Sick men of the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

The Jews really control America, so what else can the Americans say besides expressing regrets.

The Jews control the biggest American financial institutions and the mainstream American media. The Americans can't even say what they wanted to say. Shame on them.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The human species has always been tribal and, at different times, the various groups have always been involved in conflicts with one another.

I think that's great. If not for humans posturing and trying to control each other -- by force and brutality -- we would have to make up violence just to entertain ourselves :)

Anonymous said...

The reason of 'self defense' offered by Israel must be the best joke the World gets to hear.

The Israeli Soldiers invaded the Flotilla in International Water and had to kill for 'self defense'.

Only the Israelis and its' Allies would accept such pervert reasoning.


Anonymous said...

Killing innocent supporters on a peaceful flotilla...in intl waters. Now the world can see who the real 'terrorists' are.

Jaunty Jabber said...

By choice for some people, violence is used when they see that nothing more intelligent can be done to achieve the desirable result.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu didn't want to talk to the POTUS after meeting PM PC Mr. Stephen Harper(who need America when has a friend in Canada) and just needed an excuse. A snub second time.

"For the rest of the Arab world(MUSLIMS WORLD don't forget), enjoy your crying and demonstration. They can continue to do these eternally if they remain weak, divided, and helpless."
Great advise and observation. We muslims are coward when come to speaking up against our own muslim Politicians, and where are the scholars in critising them? We deserve our humiliation for hypocracy.

Lost4ever said...

These are just but testing the water, by the big bad wolf, to see how far can they go.

The sinking of the Korean vessel, the raid on Aid flotilla, the BP saga in the Gulf of Mexico, the Greek crisis. We are possibly descending into chaos and warfare soon.

Whoever controls the mouth piece controls mass opinions.

The Jews are bringing the whole world down the bottomless pit.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

First my apologies for being a hard critique of the Muslim/Arab World and their reactions to being bullied. Not too long ago China was in the same state of affair. And the 'gentleman, honourable' Japanese leaders pointedly told the weak and helpless Manchu leaders that they were weak and that's the price to pay for being weak. Weakness is very attractive and inviting to be raped.

The other part that is the sheer stupidity is their terrorist acts. They recklessly attacked everyone around the world, friend or foe. By so doing, no one will come to their aid or want to take sides with them. They make themselves the enemies of the world.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I have no sympathy for anyone in the middle east states which continue to strike one another – it’s all a bit boring in terms of “reason” anyway. Actually all the “reason” spouted in those parts is all FAITH-based. God apparently told the 3 different groups different things. Since god can’t be wrong, therefore one group is right and the other two are wrong.

Fuck me. What a fantastic dynamic. I hope they don’t kill each other off too soon – give humanity another thousand or so years of more spectacular entertainment.

When I die, my intent is to fuck Jesus’s mother, after she’s cooked me a dinner of pork-chops :--))

Anonymous said...

The West really couldn't care less about the Middle East countries blowing each other to dust. What they care about is control of the oil.

Anonymous said...

"First my apologies for being a hard critique of the Muslim/Arab World"

No need for apology and not harsh enough, sensitive muslims are the problem, a liitle(non issue) crticism of Islam or Prophet Mohammad(SAW), we muslims whine. It is the fact and reality.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Muslims/Arabs must know who are responsible for what they are today and deal with them directly instead of whacking at everyone in sight. They need to get their acts together. This is the tough part. They are in the same state as China pre Mao Tse Tung. Mao united China and give it a common purpose and direction.

But if they think the world is their enemy, then they will invite the whole world down on them. The Muslim/Arab world is divided and is being ruled divided. On the other hand, their actions are uniting the world against them.

They must read Sun Tsu.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I saw this placard waved by a pro Israeli demonstrators in the US. It says, 'What can you do about it'

Nothing, the Muslim/Arab world cannot do anything except thumping their chests and screaming their lungs out.