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IF, a big IF....

Before any impartial investigation team was allowed to verify the findings on the sinking of the Cheonan, many quarters already found the North Koreans guilty and wanted to punish them. From the little girl in the White House to the Govts in Seoul and Tokyo, and the professional journalists here also accepted the evidence provided by the American/South Koreans as the gospel truth, with no need to question. Now it seems that there is another side to the story that sounds even more credible. Even then, I always used the word IF. Never have I jumped into conclusion that my theory is the final truth. I just find in nauseating and silly for people to jump into conclusion without questioning how the evidence was obtained or created. And when I posted the Madsen article, I also advised the readers to be objective and find their own conclusion. Which joker claimed that I have jumped into any conclusion? Until the real truth is out at this point in time it is all politics and polemics. It will be very interesting if eventually the truth points to the Americans being the one that pulled the trigger. If that be the case, would the little girl in the White House cry running to mummy complaining that someone had bluffed her? Would South Korea break off relations with the US? How would the South Koreans react to the sinister plot of killing their own people and pointing at an innocent party? And how would the Empire look like in the eyes of the world. IF...the Americans lie....


Anonymous said...

The little girl You talked about has long become an old lady. IF she was privy to the Plot that some of us suspect, let's see if she will do what most honourable Japanese did; ends ones' own shame by ending ones' own life. The Present US President and Members of his Cabinet involved in the Plot should all be charged for war crime as well as crime against humanity. Ditto for the Incumbent South Korean President IF he knew of the Plot with those of his cabinet. On top of that, the South Korean Officials should be charged for treason.

What should China do? IF the suspicion of US Sabotage proved positive.

As for the Empire, it will carry its' spots like a leopard for a long time to come. Fortunately, this leopard is found to kill for fun and the World knows its' colour better now. The US itself and its' citizens are going to have hard times as it had planted too much antagonism and incubated too much hatred too widely for too long. It is suffering from increasing internal social and economic upheavels which add to its' woes.

IF the US had been a benign power, it would have contributed greatly to World peace and a great stabilizer to many smaller nations. But it has been ambiguous throughout it's history and has been mostly suspected to be overly imperialistic. Many a time, it had shown itself to be an evil instigator.


Anonymous said...

If they are guilty, they will find a silly excuse to wriggle out of the situation.

When they bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, the silly excuse was that they relied on an outdated map.

Who would have believed that!

agongkia said...

President Lee is no ordinary person and maybe he and his Officials knows the answer.We should not speculate.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Prosecutors May 28 questioned Shin Sang-cheol, who runs Seoprise, a Web-based political magazine, over his assertion that the Cheonan sank in an accident and that the evidence linking the North to the torpedo was tampered with, the JoonAng [Daily] said. Shin served on the panel that probed the sinking.

The magnified photograph of writing on the torpedo showed that the marking was written on top of a rusted surface, the newspaper cited Shin as saying. The Defense Ministry asked the National Assembly to eject Shin from the investigation for “arousing public mistrust,” the report said.

Bloomberg Business Week, May 29, 2010

The South Koreans should cooperate and let an international team to investigate the evidence. The video on the recovery of ship and torpedo, the state of the rusty torpedo with barnacle markings, the carving of Korean words etc will tell the truth.

Anonymous said...

After what happened in Iraq, the truth is no longer the truth.

For some, that lessons is not enough.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

'DPRK National Defence Commission issued a statement on May 20 to reject the claim of South Korea and indicated to send an inspection group to South Korea to verify material evidence. South Korea rejected that request.'

Why are the South Koreans so afraid of allowing the North to inspect the evidence if they are sure that it is proof of the North's guilt?

Anonymous said...

There had been many instances of robbers shouting robberies and pretending to be victims. Obviously, these pretenders would not want to be visited by investigators.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Why is there no one standing up to demand an impartial investigation?