Hsien Loong's follow up visit to KL

Hsien Loong met up with Najib again to follow up on the Tanjong Pagar land swap deal. They had a joint press conference and both were beaming broadly giving the impression that they are steaming ahead. Did I detect a little misgiving? Hsien Loong led a high level team including George Yeo, Mah Bow Tan and Shanmugam. On the other side the faces were not recognisable to me except Abdul Ghani of Johore. Where were the other ministers, notably Muhyiddin and Hishammudin? Is their absence an indicator that strong disagreements within UMNO is surfacing? I hope my concern is unfounded.


Wally Buffet said...

The future Malaysian PM and his assistant were busy preparing for the durian feast lah.


Anonymous said...

Just a precaution not to frighten our BG. Hishamuddin's presence may create misunderstanding because he is prone to draw his keris to rally his UMNO buddies. He said he will do it again in no uncertain terms.

Anonymous said...

Me likes the way the Leaders develop the Relationships, be it diplomatic and or personal. The smiling faces in the ST Photo looks good.

Long live the Friendships between the Malaysians and Singaporeans!


Anonymous said...

Mahathir smiled every minute on TV too over the years and he still does.

But never trust a crocodile that appears to smile at you with a wide mouth. It is actually thinking of having a good meal.