The Great Town Council Debate

This Great Debate is going to raise temperature a bit higher. The two opposition MPs are understandably unhappy to know that the rankings of their wards are the lowest. But they should not worry too much. Look at the rankings of universities. Some are ranked damn high. But the students and parents just don't believe they are that good and are still sending their children to lower ranked universities. So this kind of ranking is only good to those who want to believe they are good. I believe if Cambridge/Oxford or Harvard are ranked in the hundreds, the students will still flock there because they know what is really good and what is fictitiously good. Now, how shall I add my two cents worth to this Great Debate? Shall I say this one is telling the truth or that one is telling the truth? On the other hand, if I say this one is not telling the truth or that one is not telling the whole truth, then I can be sued for calling this one or that one a liar. I think I better not make my two cents worth in this Debate without any data to back up my arguments. I would like to make a suggestion though. Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang should commission a survey, using volunteers so that they don't waste public money, and use their own set of criterias to meassure what is good and what is bad. They should carefully select criterias that suit their interests or appropriate to their Town Councils. The results can be equally flattering.


Anonymous said...

The Authority should not have came out with the Said Survey. It kind of pity that most Singaporeans are suspicious of the motive(s) and worse hardly believed in the Rankings as reported.

Why invite suspicion, skepticism and make the people feel cynical of a supoosedly official survey???
An unintended great damage?


agongkia said...

I quite agree with you,but nevermind ,forget about that survey.The Authority know themself better .
Surveys are not important to people like me or maybe you who just want a simple life...
But...paiseh ah , can you help me to survey where is the quietest village that i can settle down ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Agongkia;

me loves the hilly settlements in Taiwan and Korea, nearby Penang(Malaysia) and Northern Thailand are just as inviting. However, these places are shunned by most city folks, so me does not know if You will love the simple and peaceful environments.

It is not that our concrete jungle is suffocating, just feel that there are too many predatory two legged beans around. And seeing the bullying and blood sucking everyday by the powerful people kind of make me sick.

Being an older citizen here, one does feel liked a discard.