FT showing their true talents

Another aspect of the talents possessed by our foreign talents, oops, I mean foreign workers to be more specific, is gang robbery. A gang of 7 went on a rampage, killing one and wounding 3 or 4 within a few hours in the Geylang/Kallang area. It was the most outrageous attack ever launched by the foreign workers in one night, and with so many victims. Thanks to our men in blue, they were caught except for one still at large within a couple of days. So you guys better be grateful at our men in blue. They are good. Then another case of 5 foreign workers robbing 500k ringgits from two money changer couriers was also reported today. And they too were arrested within a week. This is kind of a record, to be able to crack such cases in a matter of days. But the important thing is that with the prosperity we have, and with the foreign workers trying to make ends meet, it is a matter of time before they become too daring and wanted to get rich quick. Armed robbery does not need too much talent really. When desperation pushes them to the wall, anything goes. This is the social price we will have to pay. Hopefully it is not too high and not too frequent.


Wally Buffet said...

FT by day, armed robbery and murder at nightfall.

Relax. It's just a bit of moonlighting to make some mullah. Or is it?

But from the way they go about the rampage, it may appear they were high on booze. Dutch courage.

Most FTs are moonlighting.Same as some maids congregating at Lucky Plaza on Sundays to ply their "other" trade. FTs are really more hardworking than locals. Most are working at two jobs, one to satisfy the GDP and the other the needs of man.

I don't think these 6 "inhumane" perps are relishing their remand period having tarnished Singapore's reputation for being almost crime and violence free. 100 police officers deployed to track down these scumbags speak volumes for the Force's determination to maintain Singapore's image. These dickheads should also be given maximum deterrent sentences to send a clear message that if you do violent crime resulting in death, you not only have to pay the time but forfeit your life as well.

For those who don't like to travel to outlandish places, they have brought a bit of Sarawakian street culture to us. Thanks for warning us not to go there.

Anonymous said...

Don't be too sure the police actually 'caught' the real culprits. You actually believed what the dubious police reported in the equally dubious 151th ranking newspapers?

They could have just nabbed a few 'suspects' along the road and pepper them on our prostitute MSM press to calm the public and score some points for "efficiency" while they pray the real suspects get caught soon. Notice in both cases there is '1 suspect at large' so that if there is another slashing, the police can blame it on that guy.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear...hopefully not more FTs (Gurkha)for our elites paid by us

Wally Buffet said...

More than 100 police officers mobilized to nab some passersby to take the rap?


I believe our men in blue this time.

Good job and also nabbing the five Banglas for robbing two Malaysian money couriers was commendable as well.

Good Lord, what has become of this supposedly crime free island? Soon we may have to build a new jail complex especially for all these foreign scumbags.

We not only imported Foreign talent, we got the low lives of their society as well. Like they say, buy one, free one!

Anonymous said...

This hell land getting more hellish by the days.

What the Hell is going on?


Matilah_Singapura said...

No problem lah.

Not everyone is used to law and order singapore style.

These are no-big-deal incidents. The workers are in singapore to fill a market need: cost effective labour.

Many of them come from backgrounds far different from the HDB paradise of Singapore.

Given the 100's of thousands of foreign workers, this is a small number statistically speaking. Even if you're not a mathematician you'll realise that making a deal out of this is simply nonsense.

Anonymous said...

We used to laugh at our neighbour up north, but very soon we will surpass them in ranking as the murder hub.

Some think we are already the vice hub. Put together with the image of a gambling hub, it is a real paradise on earth.

Anonymous said...

Soon SINagapore will become SIN city...

Anonymous said...

The Government is right. Foreigners create jobs for the police force, vice squad, NEA, gambling suppression unit etc.

Be thankful to the FTs please.

undertaker said...

Our men-in-blue certainly need the practice, keep them on their toes.
Hopefully some of these FTs will have better weapons to make it more challenging and exciting.

Sin city can do with more buzz.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The status quo needs to be shaken up.

With open borders and a free flow of people in and out, you get a more 'exciting' city.

Lighten up and join in the fun lah.