The end of the Mahathir's story

He chose his date for his last battle, May 13. They rejected him. Still, a month later, he spoke with the same venom. He tried to incite the Malays against the other races. Thank God, they ignored him. That was his last show and he failed. During his reign, a speech like that would have UMNO leaders kissing the keris, UMNO Youth supporters on the streets of KL and Kampong Bahru, threatening to run amok. And further south, Johore UMNO branch will be shouting across the causeway at you know who. These could only happened in a coordinated move by an edict. This time no edict and the event slipped away. So hopefully will Mahathir. But his legacy and the mindset he helped to nurture over the 20 over years of his leadership will continue to drive the thinking of conservative and ultra Malays. Vincent Tan may not get his toto booth licence with the conservative Malays threatening to organise a 100,000 men protest. A Chinese group attempted to take over a bank but the Malays protested that banks should be Malay owned. I am not sure if there is still a Chinese owned bank in Malaysia.


Wally Buffet said...

Don't worry too much about him lah. He is just a spent force trying to prove that he is more Malay than the 100% Malay. You know, if you are not very smart, you have to work doubly hard, and talk the loudest to mask your inadequacies.

Get the drift?

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is full of ultras like him in UMNO. The mindset championed by Mahathir is really more difficult to get rid off than what Najib is trying to do now.

If Najib is not careful, he may go the way of Abdullah. Already the protest are getting louder over recent changes that he tried to make and already there are some policies needing to enter 'reverse gear'. Not that this surprises me, it is a perennial habit.

But not to change means Malaysia will never move forward. Najib's job is not easy.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is doomed. It is a country that will never improve, and it is a threat to Singapore.

The Malays in Malaysia are too used to getting sponsorships, free meals and benefits. The whole country is living on a sick system set up by Mahathir. Do you think they will give up their benefits? No way!

The Chinese in Malaysia, like Chinese everywhere, are very selfish. They will migrate given the slightest opportunity. The Chinese accepted to be second or even third class citizens. They are a mess. Those who are capable have already migrated, leaving all the losers behind to be further persecuted.

The smart Malays in Malaysia support Najib for his daring call of changes and the determination to make a better Malaysia. But this is Mission Impossible. To change means taking away all the subsidies. The fuel subsidy alone is already causing so much outcry.

Najob will fall. It is only a matter of time. My fear is Malaysia will further slip into deeper recession by 2011. Let's wait and see.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Malays in Malaysia are set up by Mahathir without knowing why. It is like entrapment.

First he pronounced that they cannot compete with other races in Malaysia. Wonder how are they to compete with other races in the world. He practically said that the Malays are stupid without saying it out loud.

Then he created a system of dependency and entitlements. This is like feeding the Malays with opiate. Now having been drugged, they cannot break free from it.

He even changed the whole education system to feed his 'stupid' Malays. Lower standard, print degrees to be given away freely. Remove competition, remove foreign languages, including English which is deemed too difficult for his Malays. Even the new Education Minister believes this theory of inadequacy and continues with the entrapment policies.

I read that some progressive Malay parents are standing up to call for the teaching of Science and Maths in English. They believe in themselves and do not believe in the 'Stupid Malay' myth spun by Mahathir.

My apologies to the Malays for using the term 'Stupid Malays' here. But that is exactly what Mahathir wants them to believe and be entrapped forever.