City of the World

Take one step further, as suggested by Matilah, do away with citizenship and race. We should seriously consider taking a dramatic leap to the future, of Citizens of the World, where nationality no longer exists, and racial differences be erased. We shall be the innovator of the new world and show the world what it should be. How people of different races can live and co exist peacefully and happily. Since we have come this far to open up our country to everyone, why not make our city the City of the World and our citizens the Citizens of the World, in short, COW? In such a city, everyone is a citizen, equal, no nationality, but a world citizen. All the ablest can come and reside here. They can even stand for election to be part of the govt as long as they are good enough to be elected. No protection for any group, no quotas or restrictions. And no need for citizen soldiers or NS. We just employ mercenaries to guard this place, and pay them well as deserving mercenaries. The economy will be completely open and free, the ideal laissez faire for the entrepreneurs and biz people to be at their best. No govt intervention. The govt shall leave the people alone to do what they are good at and those not able to shall find their own means to support themselves. They are free to go anywhere else, and the able and clever ones can come and replace them. This will be the best experiment for this island, to show the countries of the world what the new world can be. No petty differences to quarrel about, no race and no nationality. And no social welfare. The only guarantee is one's ability to look after oneself. The COWs will be the richest and happiest people in the world. A role model of free enterprise, a role model for living happily together regardless of race and nationality. I don't think religion can be erased, so the COWs can practise their religions freely. I admit this last one is hard to please and may be disturbing with more religious conflicts. But let our mercenary soldiers and police deal with them. Welcome to the city of Cows.


Wally Buffet said...

This cow country exists only in an utopian pipe dream.

Give me back my old Singapore anytime sans all the foreign trash.

Why are we so ambitious?

With the reserves we accumulated, we could have been a great little country, nurturing and taking care of our very own Singaporean citizens instead of having grandious dreams of a metropolis with a critical mass of 6 to 8 million, more than half of whom would be "newly minted" citizens. This is not the idealistic cow country. This is rozak country, losing it's identity and going down the tube.

Our ancestors who came here with only their clothes on their backs and built this nation to what is today, WITHOUT FOREIGN TRASH, would be turning in their graves to know that their future generations have become cowDUNG in their own country.

Anonymous said...

But, not all cows will end up rich, and certainly not equal.

And, therefore there will still be rich cows and poor cows.

Then the rich cows will still take the lions share of the wealth by exploiting the poorer cows. No cows are as unselfish, sporting and broad-minded as the ruling cows.

And the rich cows will tell the poor cows, they can continue to eat hay, if they cannot afford fresh grass, while they enjoy fine French food and cooking lessons. Do not ask the rich cows for assistance or you will be ridiculed.

Back to square one. Reboot or restart the game.

Anonymous said...

Until the day Matilah Singapura becomes the emperor of the world, no one, absolutely no one will be able to enjoy his dream world. Only non human species lives the natural life without money, passport, ruler, greed, ego, lust and god.

Anonymous said...

Mr Matilah travels cross countries with a passport with expiry date and goes through the immigrations and customs like anyone else, for sure.

Me does not believe the World has accepted him (as) an International Citizen yet. His wish that the World is borderless and colourless never exists and will not exist.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If there is a country that will experiment with this borderless world and international citizen concept, it will be Singapore. Many already regard this piece of rock as a commodity. No attachment and no sentiment. Give it to the highest bidder when he comes along.

Citizens are as good as thrash once they have expired their usefulness. Into the dustbin they go. Get better new specimens from elsewhere. Buy, pay for them. It is all part and parcel of a trading game.

With this kind of mentality, there is no ownership, no belonging, no pride and no conviction.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It seems that I have been severely misunderstood.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

: ) Yes indeed!