Britain and Australia curbing entry of new citizens

They cannot afford to keep growing their populations. Both are little islands and have limited space and they fear that land will run out on them. The Australians are particularly worried that the people in the Gold Coast got no where to go if more new citizens are minted. And the Big Australia policy of Kevin Rudd was his down fall, for wanting to bring in more migrants. Maybe we shall offer our supertalents as their consultants on how to squeeze more people into every inch of their precious little islands. Australia, if under our management, could easily take in another 1 billion new citizens quite easily. Another revelation is that the majority of the migrants are Europeans. Asians are still restricted. And Britain is taking one step further to only allow Europeans into their little island. Africans and Asians got to wait long long now. We can capitalise on the restrictions in Britain and Australia and open our door wider. Immigrants that can't go to them can apply to come here. Our island has more space for them and we welcome them with open arms.


Wally Buffet said...

Besides exporting our know how on public administration, we now have a sub specialty. How to have one of the highest population density in the world and still able to absorb more! Yes! All you absolutely no-where-to-go of the world, you're welcomed here!

I am beginning to think that all this excess baggage of humans are actually making the island sink faster and therefore there are more floods nowadays. For every one hundred thousand new immigrants, we can expect Singapore to sink a foot. Don't laugh ok? It's not as far fetched as you guys think. Singapore's soil is soft alluvial. With the rampant building of infrastructure and housing to cater to the super rich as well as the peasants of Asia, the load is just too much, even for nature to handle. Floodings, despite our being assured that drainage systems are adequate, are warning signs of soil fatigue. Ignore it at our peril.

Anonymous said...

PAP must be rejoicing that these countries are closing the door on migrants. It means PAP finally will have better choice of crap, hopeully less crappier crap.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't agree with the cuts, but here are the reasons -- rember both UK and Oz have universal healthcare (expensive and tax-payer funded) and unemployment benefits (expensive and tax-payer funded):

1. UK -- new auterity budget, growing unemployment, stress on the welfare system and political pressure.

2. Rudd is no longer PM. BUt the reasons are similar: danger of increasing unemployment rate (so far not realised -- companies are still hiring), political pressure.

However skilled immigration is still alive and well in Oz. If you go to any of the jobs sites, you will see.

The Aust 457 visa program is being scaled down however. I know a few S'poreans who've had their 457 visa not renewed.

Economic reasons: because welfare is taxpater funded a spike in unemployment numbers due to "too many foreigners" will bite more into the budgets, consumne capital which is better used for economic growth and place more stress on all the silly socialist welfare systems.

S'pore: no welfare (except for the politicised HDB/CPF/upgrading con job)

Anonymous said...

This policy of absorbing new immigrants will never stop. Why? If they were to call it quits now, it means they were wrong all along. Has the PAP ever admit it was wrong in all their years in power? Never!

The very most they will tell you is, it was a necessary step to take because of circumstances, but never wrong.

Anonymous said...

Without new consumers, how are the many businesses to survive ?

Singapore needs more new consumers very badly.

Matilah_Singapura said...

This is one instance I do not think the PAP is "wrong".

Open borders which allow the easy PEACEFUL traffic of capital, ideas and humans are extremely good ideas.

anon453 makes a valid point: new customers.

Singapore has no welfare systems which means no foreigners can come in and "bum" off the system like they can in the western "democracies" -- I know, I live in such a system. Many people come here (including S'poreans and MAlaysians) to bum off the Aust welfare state.

Give the lack of state welfare, those who come come for economic reasons: i.e. they want to be productive, work and EARN MONEY FOR THEMSELVES, which makes them excellent customers.

Even if many of the foreigners send money home they still need to live in S'pore, which means they'll end up spending some of their money.