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This one is about filial piety. The mother was curt, aloof, insensitive, rude, abusive, arrogant etc etc. The son was so filial and pampered her with tender loving care despite her ill treating and bullying his wife, the daughter in law, in front of his son. The daughter in law suffered in silence like all good and suffering daughters in law were supposed to be. The grandson could not take the bullying and abusing thrown at her mother but were convinced by his father that the grandmother took very good care of him when she was his mother. There were gratitude and filial piety all thrown together. The moral of the story is that grandmother can be abusive and disgusting as long as she had taken good care of her son. Daughter in law must take the abuses and ill treatments and suffer in silence to be exemplary. And grandson should not be thoughtless and must appreciate that the grandmother was once good. Oldies can be arrogant, rude, abusive and must be tolerated. My moral of the story, don't ever marry a filial son unless you want to suffer in silence.


Anonymous said...

More like a story of Sinkapore:

Grandmother: Cabinet
Father: Hip hop mps
Daughter in law: Lesser mortals
Son: New citizens

Wally Buffet said...

This advertisement is crap. It sends the wrong message that an intolerable old mother should be excused for her excesses because once long long ago, she was a loving mother caring for her child against all insurmountable odds.

It is not far fetched to say that in most Singapore households, such an intolerable oldie exists to wreck havoc on the lives of the younger generation. Fortunately, with economic advancement, most oldies nowadays are independent and do not need to intrude on the lives of their children.

The Maintenance of Parents Act is another piece of legislation that defies logical understanding. If you had been a good parent and had given your children your all, you don't have to worry that in your old age, they will abandon you. This piece of legislation merely transfers the responsibility of the maintenance of less than perfect parents from the state to the children by law.

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly.

The Maintenance of Parents Act wrecks further havoc on a family with already strained relationships. Taking children to court means that it is the end of their parents/children relationship forever.

Sometimes, you could not help thinking that this Government's intention is to push all responsibilities away, regardless of what the negative impact may be, as long as you do not approach them for help.

It is a sad day for Singapore that we have a Government that is alienating itself from its own people.

Anonymous said...

They r yr leeders bcos they want to govern u, they want to govern u all bcos they want to be yr masters, get it ?

Anonymous said...

It is a story of unconditional love. Sad that advert created so much adverse reaction. Very sad that our society does not believe in unconditional love any more .... our society now expects very thing must be returned with favour. What i am againsit is that produced and coming from the Singapore government is a joke ... they do not radiate moral authority. Everything is measured in dollars and cents.

agongkia said...

Pardon me .Whatever the case it is the duty of the children to take care of their parents.
We always blame the elderly for being a trouble maker.This is a common excuse among those unfilial children.I am not surprise many of you will be against my thinking.
Those elderly mean no harm if you people are understanding enough.They are mostly dementia and do not know what they are doing and saying.They are lost.So this is the time to shoulder any blame or curse by them.Please bear in mind.Your duty as a child.The time with them is limited when they reach such a stage.I have got that experience and I never regret.
Listen to Agongkia one time ,one time only please.I plead with you all.My other comment can be treated as nonsense,but not this one.Thank you on behalf on those elderly dementia at home.We must be reasonable and filial.

agongkia said...

Sorry,I forgot to salute the son and daughter.They are great and have done the right thing.I salute them here.
This space is specially dedicated to them.

Anonymous said...

The moral of the story is that when one generation loves, the next generation will learn.

The mother loved her son, the son loves her back and his son learns the meaning of true sacrificial love.

I say it is a darn good message. MCYS, well done!

Cheap 'love' is abundant these days, but true love is a needle in the haystack.

Anonymous said...

So many extremists in this society.

Some want to give unconditional love and care not of reasonableness and reasonability.

Others care only about reason and forsake all love.

Please balance both for wholesomeness, nothing extreme is good.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Some parents are fucking cunts... there's no getting around that. PArents, being humans will acts like assholes occasionally and the same goes for children. Human nature -- no getting around that one.

However what is overlooked is the time factor: there are decades and decades available to all parties in the family concerned to repair bad relationships.

The filial piety ads have a political context: to stop S'pore from becoming a welfare state -- i.e. young ones should look after the old ones.

However, the time context is again ignored: every old person had the opportunity of his/her ENTIRE LIFETIME to get his/her shit together. Growing old is a fact (if you last that long), but unfortunately --- human nature again -- many people tend to think in short time frames and fail to prepare for the future.

It is not the business of the state to protect people from their bad decisions and stupid thinking. People should be aloowed to be free to make errors in judgement and experience the consequences.

Otherwise it's back to the same nonsense: human nature is what it is and therefore the state(run by humans) has to protect everyone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right. We are not responsible for our own flesh and blood parents, but the State is responsible for our well-being.

No way I am going to pay more taxes to support leeches.