The Australians are dumb for sure

This is what the new PM Gillard said. "I think we want an Australia that is sustainable. This place is our sanctuary, our home." And this is what Labor politician Kelvin Thomson said. "Australians have expressed their concern about the impact of rising population on food and water supplies, on rising housing affordability, on traffic congestion, on the quality of life in our cities, on carbon emissions and on our endangered wildlife." I don't believe that the Australians could not cope with doubling their population with a continent that they have. It is not an island like the place called Singapore. They are worried about rising cost of living, food, water supplies, housing affordability, traffic congestion, quality of life, endangering wildlife? Come on, please come to Singapore and we will show you how to do it. We have solved all these problems and are going to keep on increasing our population. You see, rising population means economic growth. Stop the population growth is stopping economic growth, which is a nightmare. After 6 million, we will be talking about 10 million. And housing is a piece of cake. Our public flats are so affordable. Now they are talking about capping it at $1,000 psf or it will go higher. But no worry. The people are rich and will be able to pay for them. The Australians must send their govt officials here to study how we did it. Maybe we can loan them some of our super talents. But they must be able to afford to pay for them. Nothing is for free.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I am no Gillard fan, and am not glad that bumbling Rudd was thrown out. I much prefer the leader of a country to be a real dumbo screwing up here there and everywhere. IN that way there is more freedom for those who are self-responsible/ reliant.
Gillard will be a hard one to beat in the next election. As in most other moronic democracies – voting a govt OUT is much better than keeping a govt IN. With Rudd at the helm, and with increasing unpopularity the equally greedy, corrupt and inept opposition had a good chance of winning the next elections.
However a great number of people love Gillard. Even many of the women. Hairdressers have reported an increase in the number of customers who want to be redhead – in solidarity with the new PM. This is true, and is a sad reflection on the type of individual who has a right to vote in this moronic democracy.
I will re-phrase redbean’s post to make a crucial distinction. “The Australians” is too general for a collective term and tars everyone in this *continent* with the same brush. There are smart – scary smart people (the majority of people here are from immigration programs) – something to keep in mind) here – bear in mind there are only 22 million people here in total. In my shanty kampong Perth (population 2.2m or 10% of Australia) 2 out of the 8 in total Nobel Laureats work, live and move amongst us lesser mortals in unpretentious ways – you’d meet them at the shops or by the beach.
And as a matter of language and meaning: Countries can’t be “dumb”. The only entities which can be called “dumb” are individual humans.
So re-phrased the post headline might read:
The Australian democracy/ political zeitgeist is made up of really fucking dumb individuals

With that I concur 100%.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Actually when I said Australians are dumb, I am comparing their super talents with our supertalents, not the ordinary folks, who are all dumb anyway, here, there and everywhere : )