Another silly article

Repeated Chinese navy helicopter flights close to Japan's Self-Defense Force ships in the East China Sea and the Western Pacific in April were neither professional nor responsible, says the commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, Adm. Patrick Walsh. Walsh expressed concern about China's increasingly aggressive behavior in the South China Sea. In reaction to China's disturbing behavior in the South China Sea, several littoral states such as Vietnam and Singapore are now purchasing submarines "as a way of protecting sovereign rights," Walsh said.... The above article is by Yoichi Kato from Asahi Shimbun. Is he or the Admiral joking or clowning? Singapore and other littoral states are buying submarines to take on the Chinese? And the Chinese are being irresponsible flying near other ships? What was the American plane that flew over Hainan and brought down by a Chinese fighter doing there? Friendly tourists? What were all U2s doing flying over other nation's territories? What were the American bases doing in South Korea and Japan? And the Japanese PM Hatoyama had to resign because he could not evict the Americans from their territory? How come? Japan an American colony? Why couldn't Hatoyama do it? Was there some unequal treaty that was signed giving away Okinawa to America for 150 years like Hongkong being ceded to Britain during the colonial days?


Anonymous said...

The American Military Leader was just making noises to instigate the US Vassal States in Asia and S E Asia.

Yes, it is laughable and hilarious that the purchases of submarines and other warfare wares by SIN and the other vassal states was mentioned as though they could save themselves. Me feels instead that they will be scared to deaths before any fight.

Is Patrick Walsh due for retirement and came up with the Remark as a goodbye(concluding) repartee?


Anonymous said...

Front or rear admiral? From the way he talks, must be the front part talking.