Yes, we got the message!

Haven’t you Singaporeans got the message? What message? Alright let me tell you all in plain simple Singlish,’No Govt cannot do.’ Yes, all the so called privatization for efficiency, competition for the good of consumers, are plain bullshit. Singapore needs the Govt to run all the major services, from hospitals to telecommunications, to transport, childcare and burial services. If you need further proof of how important and effective the govt is in providing fair and affordable services, without being held at ransom, just look at the recent World Cup fiasco will do. If the telcos were one, if own by the Govt, we would not have to pay through our noses, paying more than anyone else, and Fifa standing there, high and haughty, telling us take it or leave it. Let’s petition the Govt to take back all the organizations and services that have been privatized. We need the Govt to run this place efficiently and cheaply. Unless you think the hospital fees are cheap, public transport are cheap, watching football is cheap…HDB is also privatized and you know the story. Just claiming that it is affordable does not mean so. Take back HDB and return it as a statutory board. The HDB of the past was a pride of Singaporeans, providing the people with cheap and good housing. Singaporeans are forever grateful to the HDB when it was a statutory board. Need more reasons why we cannot do without the Govt running this place? Need more reasons why privatization is bad, why competition is bad?


Anonymous said...

Mr Beannie;

a moment earlier, me praised You. Now got to scold You. How dare You suggest the Government stop making money from the People????

When the Government makes money from the People, it is all for our good. It will motivate, or it will force us? Me am confused, to work faster, cheaper, more efficient and more productive. It does not want its people to become senile when old and lazy when young. You don't see how the Government cares for us????

I was and am under the impression that SIN can go auto-pilot; meaning Singaporeans can manage nicely with or without government.

You see; we are like children with perfect upbringings. The Government has imbued and instilled all the right values, namely; be hardworking, be compliant to the leaders, most of our males are military trained(NS) and take orders like electronics under remote control or robots.

The lady citizens? They are always not interested in policies but very happy and active to be in parties(leisures and community organized events). They don't care about politics, they need only some funs and enjoyments.

One thing though, the people also pay without asking for reason or even think about the fairness of the costs.Too compliant and robotic is also no good when leaders are out to manipulate, exploit and bully.

As a born Singaporean, me likes to say we have failed to take charge of our own live. Some depend on religion, majority submit to the Authority, some faithfully and some fatefully. The smarter ones went away.

Unless the coming election results in awakening the masses, the bullying and exploitations will not ease or cease, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Imported Government can or not? They can probably do the job cheaper, faster and better.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am full of contradictions.

Mao Tse Tung also said so.

Govt is good, govt is bad, high prices of flats is good, high prices of flats is bad,......

Anonymous said...

The only one positive thing about the SIN Government is that the Leaders OVER MOTIVATED AND MOTIVATE the People.


Neither do they incentivise their motivations while they pay themselves ridiculously for motivating us.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think they are too high, fed themselves too much drugs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

What are you talking about redbean, Singapore is run as private property by a ruling elite already.

The govt controls everything. When it (appears to) 'not interfere' it is only because it CHOOSES not to interfere.

'Freedom' in the city state is not based on any ideas of 'natural law' -- freedom in S'pore is based on the govt simply 'awarding a free pass'.

They can take away and regulate, privatise or nationalise anything, anytime and for any reason -- logical or not.

I give one example: The Constitution is supposed to define the limits of govt. over the people. The S'pore govt interprets the constitution in their way, and their way exclusively.

So privatise or nationalise -- it really doesn't make that much of a difference. All the money goes to them anyway.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The truth is that Singapore is run as a private company, as a public company, as a private company, as a public company,...depending on who is saying it and who is benefitting from it.