Why only 70% believe?

The South Koreans reportedly conducted a survey on the sinking of Cheonan and was surprised that only 70% of the South Koreans believed that it was the work of the North Koreans. Why is it that there are still 30% of the South Koreans disbelieving the claims by their govt even with their one sided evidence? Given the overwhelming proof produced by the South Koreans, the American and British experts, there should not be any doubt to believe otherwise. So far the western world all believes that the North Koreans are guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. Even the UN Secretary General said so, and he believed everything that the South Korean govt said. And reading from the media, it is conclusive that it was the North Koreans who did it. Would a one sided evidence produced in secrecy by a gang of interested parties that have all the reasons to point the fingers at the North Koreans be admissible in court as valid evidence? And China is expected to take these evidences as the gospel truth. Though China and Russia have said that they would want an independent investigation on the evidence, how much can they differ if the evidence were expertly cooked for several months? The happiest person is the little girl who thought that everything has been sewn nicely and foolproof, that the North is guilty and no one can deny it. The possibility of it being a North Korean act cannot be ruled out, but the probability is low. What if it was a sinister plot by a third party to fan the tension and at the expense of South Korean lives, and the South Koreans swallowed it hook, line and sinker? Isn't that a shameful tragedy while the third party or parties quietly partying away for a great clandestine op?


Wally Buffet said...

According to Reuters, AP and AFP despatches, Premier Wen was reported to have told Pres.Lee of South Korea and I quote:

Mr. Wen, without mentioning any country, told Mr. Lee that Beijing would not protect anyone responsible once it had made its own "fair and objective judgement on who's at fault", according to a South Korean official.


Now, this remark is very telling. It says between the lines that he may not believe what the South Koreans, the Yanks and the Japs are telling him. It could be a set up. China still maintains that it may not be the North that is staging the incident. Between a pack of wolves (South Korea, the US and Japan) and a clumsy vociferous bear (North Korea), China knows but so far has no proof yet that the former are the trouble makers.

When you hear a mandarin speaking,always read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

Wally Sir:

what can i say about your deciphering of Premier Wen's Message! Is there a better way of reading it!

Me do wish that 'would not protect anyone responsible' would also includes bringing those responsible to justice. The World needs to rid traitors, instigators and betrayers.

It did not surprise the World that 30% or more of South Koreans DO NOT believed that the North sunk the Cheonan. Maybe some South Koreans might even doubt there was any torpedo attack.

Nonetheless, there must be some South Koreans who know whatever happened, the Crews of their own warship must be either sleeping or were simply complacent whilst on duties.


Anonymous said...

The UN secretary general is just another puppet. Would you expect him to have a mind of his own? Being a South Korean himself, what else can one expect.

The whole world learned a painful lesson in supporting the Iraq war. The evidence of WMD has now been proven to be totally fabricated.

The West have no shame in pulling the same rouse to prolong their presence in East Asia. The Russians and Chinese know what sort of game is being played. It may be their turn the next time round, so I think they would want to get to the root of the issue and expose the real culprit.