North Korea's acts as baffling as ever

This is the title of an article by John McBeth in the ST today to describe the sinking of Cheonan. He could not find a sensible reason for the North Koreans to do such an act. And as national leaders, one must assume that they are thinking people and will act only when they are to benefit from it. There must be good reasons for them to sink the South Korean ship. But apparently there were none. The truth is that the sinking of Choenan has all the bad reasons for North Korea. And the evidence are all there to say that the North Koreans have nothing to do with it. Instead, the sinking are all in favour of South Korea and its allies and what they are up to. The AGENCIES reported that the South Koreans are monitoring and tracking the movements of the North Korean submarines. This is a Freudean slip in the first order. It reveals and admits that the South Koreans have all the while been tracking the North's submarines. And if there was one near Choenan, they would have known and would not have been knocked out by surprise. The South Korean's National Intelligence Service also reported to the President that the North did not do it. And they were arranging for a meeting between the two Presidents which made such an incident intolerable. The factors that are in favour of such an incident is exactly the above. The meeting between the two Presidents and the warming up of relations between the two Koreans must be stopped. Then there is the China element. China is gaining in building up closer relations with the two Koreas. The third reason is of course the American bases in South Korea and Japan. An incident like the sinking of the Choenan would strain relations between the two Koreas, raise tension and justify greater American military presence. And of course, it would drive a wedge between China and its closest ally, North Korea. China would be forced to take sides and whichever side it takes will hurt its relation with the other. Brilliant strategy! China is now in a fixed. North Korea is branded as the bad boy. America, Japan and South Korea are the good guys. And after months have passed, they expect the Chinese to examine the evidence provided by them for the sinking of the ship. During this time they were the ones meddling with the evidence and who knows what they had done to it. They had the chance to have an international and impartial body to examine the evidence but they passed it. China and North Korea should simply rule the evidence as questionable and not admissible as proof. Period.


Wally Buffet said...

These thuggish yanks are capable of anything. There is a big game of chess being played at East Asia.

Raising tension at a time when the Euro zone is facing one of it's most serious financial crisis since inception sounds like a red herring to me. But not to worry, this is just a game big boys play. Everything, including the PIIGS debacle will come to pass as always and everyone will be happily making money six months from now.

In the meantime, just relax and enjoy life and see how the clowns play each other out.


Anonymous said...

Me long for the Asian Nations to unify themselves; China with Taiwan, North and South Korea, even East and West Timor.

And if it takes war to unify them, then fight and be united, whichever side wins the battle will make a better tomorrow. See Germany and Vietnam, are they not better now?

Of course if they make love and patch up all the more the merrier.
Settle it once and for all.

Maybe me am not qualify to talk about international relations and politics, but, i kind of seeing the US of A being hated very much by the rest of the World. It certainly does not bode well for the US. Internally, Obama has his hand full, as for diplomatic relationships; Hilary Clinton is too hawkish. Overall, Americans are not too keen on what their government does with foreign relations as they are mired in domestic social problems.

The European Countries too, are mired in financial turmoil and agitation and the Black President of US can hardly be a brother to the White European Leaders. Don't think Race does'nt matter.

Hope President Obama is wise to solve his domestic affairs and not follow his predeccessor who was adventurous hoping to be a World Hero. And of course Bush is now a war criminal whether he likes it or not.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The more I read into this case, the more I read WMD. Just look at how South Korea, Japan and the US are behaving and trying to capitalise on this case and of fix up China.

If this case is proven to be the work of someone else other than the North Koreans, Lee Myung Bak will be skinned alive by the South Koreans. His only excuse could be that he did not know as he was fixed up to believe what he believed.

And many innocent South Korean seamen died as sacrificial lambs to some sinister plot.

Anonymous said...

Not to forget that the Head of United Nation Ban Ki Moon immediately sprung to issue statement. No guessing what he said. The most unuseful United Nation secretary General to date. Time to have this Biased Man replaced.

Any nation who hosts alien military forces in its'lands to fight its own Race and neighbours must be ruled by sick leadership who is naturally traitor and betrayor of its' own people or neighbours. Sick!


Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is saying it is the responsibility of the world community to condemn the action of North Korea over the sinking of the Choenan.

When NATO bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, nobody called for the world community to condemn such action.

Double standards are always applied, so where is the moral authority of the US in this incident?

Anonymous said...

The British Broadcasting Corp in its' call in programme 'Now U can have your say' on 27 May 10, assembled three adjudicators, all claiming that N Korea is a threat to the World Communities. Wow, my toes were laughing when i hear them.

Imagine a closed communist country which the World claimed to be starving is a threat to the World. Wow! What kind of a bull crap! BAFFLING is it not? The World is starving for N Korea to do the impossible, invade S Korea, then invade Japan and after that the US/UK and the rest of the World.

The Whites are very imaginative and creative, however they also show themselves to be very scared, so scared that small nations like Iraq, Afganistan, N Korea, Yemen and even Kim Jong Il himself alone are threats to the World; BAFFLING INDEED!!

The US should install Patriot missiles everywhere in the World to defend itself, for there is nowhere in the World it has no enemy. It is under threat anywhere in the World so to say.


Anonymous said...

The Americans are going after terrorist at home now. Iraq and Afghanistan are no longer hotbeds of terrorism. How times have changed, and fast too.

Perhaps their failure to make progress in Iraq and Afghanistan calls for a face saving exit, starting with this proclamation of going after home bred terrorism.

Mission accomplished?