Myth 221 - Singaporeans are hard to please

Is that so? The official line is that Singaporeans are fuzzy, choosy and very difficult to please. I don't know how people got that impression. My impression is that Singaporeans are so easy to please. They can be easily appeased and will feel very grateful if given a few dollars. The 1% CPF hike is an excellent example of how easily contented are Singaporeans. The $10 to $40 hike in CPF contribution is already a call for celebration. They were so happy, even when they cannot touch the money for another 30 years. So how can Singaporeans be called choosy and fuzzy and hard to please? Actually there are some Singaporeans that are hard to please. Even with salary that can buy them a million dollar private property every year and they arestill not happy, and asking for more. But these are few and should not be generalised. So the fuzzy, choosy and hard to please Singaporean is a myth or a legend?


Wally Buffet said...

A mythgend.

They are hard to please, fuzzy or choosy depends on who is talking and who is reporting.

You only believe if you want to believe. If not, you can talk until your face turns blue and no one will believe.

soojenn said...

hahaha.. what a joke.. Singaporeans difficult to please.. they are practically under the thumbs of the current regime, accepting whatever crumbs the incumbent throws..unable to question the incompetency, which is just brushed off as curiosity by the prata man.

Complaining yes.. but that's all.. no action, no protest (I suppose this is coz the incumbent has set rule to put you in jail if one exercises their right to protest, even as a single person..)

It is amazing how the Singaporeans are numbed after 50 years of brainwashing, unable to know what their rights really are..

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are indeed hard to please.

Just look at the Leaders, even multi-million SINDollars incomes per annum cannot please them. And do not forget that they remunerate themselves and INCREASES THEIR SALARIES WITHOUT HAVING TO CONSULT ANYONE.

Tell me Singaporeans easy to be pleased.



Anonymous said...

Just give me $1m will do. I will see nothing, say nothing, hear nothing. Easy to please right?

Anonymous said...

Right. Those who said Singaporeans are hard to please should look at themselves in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans deserve all the shit the govt shaft down their throats and they are forced to smile and say thank you. What to do? 50 years of brainwashing has resulted in such a docile and satisfied flock of sheep. This flock is sure a very easily satisfied flock. Who dare say that Singaporeans are difficult to please? A few hundred dollars and these money-face sheeples are so satisfied. Pathetic!!