The mentally challenged

I am not talking about the academically less inclined students, and neither am I talking about those who have to struggle just to pass their MTL. I am freakish by those that are mentally unsound and living in our midst, our close neighbours. The worst kind, and waiting to destroy the lives of the innocent neighbours, are those that are prone to violence. There have been many cases reported, while many suffered in silence, fearing that reporting will only make things worst. Many live in constant fear of how a mad man could strike them or their children in the corridors, or may burn down their homes. So far we have not seen many ugly incidents yet. The worst were killer litters that sent a few to hospitals. Some came to blows and some got stabbed, and likely some could have been dead. The spate of child killings in China is a stark reminder to those responsible not to take the mentally challenged lightly, that they were just a nuisance. Killer litters were also a nuisance. Getting hit by a falling litter is as good as hitting jackpot. A confluence of timing must be so perfect to make a hit. Living near a mentally challenged person who is proned to violence is a different proposition. The likelihood of a strike is so much real, only waiting to happen. Who is responsible for allowing residents to live in fear and in danger of being beaten or maimed by a mad man? The MP, the police, the town council or the resident’s committee? Or it is the responsibility of the residents themselves to be alert and keep away from harm themselves? Anyone bother to take a proactive look into such situations and take steps to prevent them from happening? Or are those responsible waiting for things to happen before they will act, just like the killer incidents when skulls were fractured and the victims in the critically ill list? Or are they waiting for a killing spree before they wake up from their sleep? Having a mentally challenged person who is violent next door is more dangerous then a walk in the jungle.


Wally Buffet said...

Expect more mentally challenged to be your neighbours as the pace of living in this red dot is becoming more like a pressure cooker.

There again, we ourselves may just become the mentally challenged!

Nothing like staying in a tent at Changi Point as not much neighbours nowadays, most having been cleared by the Park Wardens.


Anonymous said...

Indeed it is very hard to say who is insane, our neighbours or ourselves.

However, me am sure that the prisons and the mental hospitals in SIN are not able to accommodate or cope now. Prisoners are tagged with electronic devices.

As for the mentally unbalanced, many of us are not emotionally alright nor are we all mentally all sound.

Me knows myself emotionally badly affected. Me should respects my leaders and loves my land, but, me does not have that feelings.

Am i normal???


Anonymous said...

Why worry guys? We have a minister mental looking after things.

Anonymous said...

Not all mentally ill are murderer and are no danger to society.

Political correctness and lumping criminals, muderers, pediphiles rapists & terrorists to be mentally ill(lame excuse to diminish the acts) is unfair to those suffers from mental diseases. We might be fear mongering against a group not prone to violence. By all mean we must be careful.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Right, many mentally challenged can still live quite a normal life with a little help from families and the community.

It is the small group that is 'PRONE TO VIOLENCE' and exhibiting violence tendency that is a danger to those around them. This group must be isolated and closely monitored.