From Ah Beng to Jason and then Jayson

Jay Chou is so famous that his concerts are fully sold out and the black market price goes as high as $1,500. His fans are going gaga over him and his song writing skills. He isn't that good looking, they admitted. Neither does he write or sing in English. His is an mandopop icon and have millions of followers snapping up his albums and posters. Jay Chou is a beneficiary of our MTL programme. This is also applicable to the Malay and Indian pop idols. Without the MTL, the fans would not be able to know what he writes or sings. The fans would probably be chasing after Linkin Park or Michael Jackson. But with their understanding and appreciation of another language, they could follow him and want to be like him. Without MTL, the Asian pop culture would at most be within a smaller circle in China, Hongkong and Taiwan. Our Channel 8 would eventually lose its viewership. It is a vicious cycle. It feeds and grows on one another. The fans of pop culture willingly and happily wanted to learn the language and sing the songs. Many English educated professionals are enjoying their learning process to read Chinese characters when they croon Mandarin, Hokien and Canto pops in the Karaoke joints. When learning is fun, when there is a desire and motivation to learn, there is no compulsion to make them want to learn MTL.They willingly want to learn. The MOE may want to include pop culture as part of the learning process for MTL, make MTL cool and fun and enjoyable, at least at the primary and secondary school level. This would give the young a good foundation to start with. Trying to learn MTL using traditional method and ancient poems or literature may not be that attractive to the modern young. A different approach to learning MTL may change the mindset.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Mr Chua and All;

please pardon me for posting something unrelated here.

Despite the many pleas by Thais for the United Nation to help or intervene in the dispute and chaos in their capital Bangkok, the UN and its' leaders have remain silent.

The United Nation sent officials to SIN whilst Thailand was having political upheaval which caused deaths and fatal injuries. The Thai people were and are desperately pleading for the UN to help.

Yet despite the repeated pleas, the UN was blind and deaf to the plights of the Thais.

Is the United Nation doing its' duties and playing its' role for World peace and Human wellbeings??? Are United Nation Staff enjoying in SIN and avoiding places where they are needed?


Anonymous said...

The MOE and/or NIE should ensure that teachers recruited are able to adapt their teaching style to include student-centered methods like drama, songs, debates etc. If I am not wrong, most of the CL MT teachers are from China, who are native speakers but the Chinese style of instruction is largely teacher-centered/controlled/directed that leaves little room for the students to explore and enjoy learning on their own.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thailand is set for a civil war and may end up as a republic. The King cannot remain silent if he is to be relevant in Thai politics. By keeping quiet and allowing the army to kill his own people, he is going to lose credibility and respect from his people. His people are looking to him for their protection. By not doing or saying anything, he is giving the Thai people a different perception of his role.

Does he agree or disagree with the killing of the Thai people by the army?

Anonymous said...

Chin Leng;

the Thai King is, sad to say, fighting for his own life. Even if he does interfere this time, it will not be much consequential. At least to me, neither Ahbishit or the Red Shirts respect the Monarchy enough, otherwise the King will be calling the shots. He(King) was reduced to a puppet long long ago. The Thai People are merely keeping a tradition for the final time.

Whatever it is, the Role and Duty of the United Nation is independent of the Thai Monarchy.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The UN is waiting for instruction from the puppet master.

MTL in ktv said...

The puppet master is waiting to consult our champion forecaster with the crystal ball. LOL

If I pay 1,500 bucks to watch Jay Chou, he has to do more than just sing and dance, bcos I can get superior live entertainment in some exclusive KTV joint and get to practise MTL.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi MTL ktv, welcome to the blog.

Yes, with $1500, you will be treated like an emperor for a night. Another kind of enjoyment.