The dynamic duo of Ah Huay and Ah Lian

I can still recalled the infamous maiden speech of Ah Lian in Parliament about digging jamban and pangsai. If I am not mistaken it was to tell the opposition that this govt is not one that would wait for people queuing up to pangsai then start digging jambans. This is a highly strung govt of super talents, far sighted, proactive and always planning ahead, to anticipate problems before they appear. I would like Ah Lian to propose that Ah Huay make that speech again to remind everyone that this govt is still the same govt that would not dig jambans frantically only after people screaming to pangsai. And Ah Lian should also suggest that the speech be framed and hung on the walls of Parliament to remind everyone what this govt stands for. The combination of Ah Huay and Ah Lian can be a powerful act to make sure that nobody falls asleep in his job.


Wally Buffet said...

We must get rid of the Ah Lian, Ah Huay and the Ah Ter, Ah Kow.

A bunch of nitwits.

Anonymous said...

How about Ah Cow, Ah Hen, Ah Horse?

In fact the whole animal farm characters lah!

Jetreroy said...

"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."