CPF threatening to sue and fine

I read Gilbert Goh’s post about CPF demanding him to pay for the shortfall in his Medisave account for a sum of $16,600 as his contribution for being self employed. All self employed, regardless of age, must contribute to the Medisave for as long as they are alive and working. Isn’t this a cock policy when people are starting to collect their CPF savings at 55 and some delayed till 62? Why should people who continue to work after 55 be expected to contribute to the Medisave when they are in a better position than those who have retired and not working? These self employed are economically active and earning an income to support themselves and no need to draw down or depending on their savings to support themselves. According to the Medisave Act, there is no exception. So if one is working at 100 years old, the old hag must still contribute to his Medisave. How outrageous. But no one is complaining. Like the story goes, when they came for the Jews, I kept quiet coz I am no Jew. When they came for the Christians, I kept quiet, coz I ain’t no Christian. When they came for the Commie, I kept quiet coz I ain’t no Commie. Then when they came for me, there was no one left to speak up for me.


Anonymous said...

All Singaporeans should get themselves sued for one thing or another. It is very difficult and tiring to face so many compulsions when coping with survivals is already a problem.

Those over 55 year old may like to take a respite to rest in the cell for a while for a break from the jinnee.

Me suggested to Gilbert Goh to migrate, however he seems more patriotic than me.


agongkia said...

Commoners like me cannot say cock policy like you say becos I am too poor to offend the Authority.

So I have to be unfair to you this time even I agree with you.Sorry.
But Gilbert is not the only one lah.Shhh.I am also a member like him or worst than his case.
Many have difficulty renewing their business license if they dun pay up.Luckily CPF have some sympathy on them and allow them to carry on by paying instalment.This one I must say they are kind on that.
Those towkays who cannot pay their staff CPF in times,not only do not enjoy the Job Credit Scheme ,which is to help the employers,but also got themselves fined or charge in Court,and CPF is also kind to write to all their employee that their Towkays pay their CPF late.Towkay got to submit their staff CPF by E submission or have to pay processing fees etc.etc.Why cant they really help those poor employers by granting them the JCS.Afterall,most would have paid up their CPF for last year by now .The JCS is enough to help many towkays to pay off their staff CPF in time.Instead they got charge for that.JCS helping employers?.Ai...

agongkia said...

and I want to add that your title"CPF threatening to sue and fine"is wrong.
Don't play play.
for they "Really Fine or Sue"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am pissed off because this is another straight jacket one size fits all policy.

People who hit 55 are allowed to withdraw their CPF savings. Why should people who are gainfully employed still need to contribute to Medisave or people who are working after retirement age still need to contribute to CPF?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

CPF Board Threatens To Fine And Takes Court Action Against Errant Self Employed Medisave Defaultors
Author : admin Published: May 10th, 2010

The above was posted by Gilbert. I just paraphrased it.

Anonymous said...

While CPF holders can eventually cash out Special and Ordinary Accounts less the 'minimum sum' of 117k (soon to be 123k), your medisave account is forever locked up by the PAP mafia.

Medisave is one big con job where PAP will hold on to your money forever because PAP says everyone need to contribute to JUST in case they get hospitalized. This is just an excuse and is nothing short of asset confiscation just so that PAP can use to punt or cover up massive losses/blackholes on western banks, mines and other senseless Hole Jinx™ gambles.

Our CPF savings are fast diminishing in value because inflation is fast outstrips CPF's pathetic 2.5% return.

PAP now resort to daylight robbery by legislating mandatory 'contribution' from those who otherwise don't have to pay up.

Anonymous said...

It just dawned on me that we have reached the stage whereby there is nothing we can do.

The laws have been changed, the election rules have been distorted beyond recognition, the people have been cowered and fallen for the greed of short term gain in exchange for long term slavery.

When they came for the beans....?

Anonymous said...

Sigh...if there's any pre-electon "progress package" for Gilbert...it'll be net of this "recovery"

O$P$...Ah Long in White

agongkia said...

On one hand we are saying Singaporean got no entreprenuership.On the other hand we make thing difficult especially for those with entreprenuership but not enough capital to start up a kachiam puteh business.Not only we dun help the poor towkay,we got many rules and regulation for them.Seems like the poor should always remain as poor .How many people really enjoy not paying their own medisave and give up their business if they got the mean?Instead of helping them we sue them,we fine them.I better stop here ,I am not pissed off like you but my blood pressure will goes up when I talk about this.One fine day who knows they may tell you if you are not capable,just pay up and wind off your business.

Anonymous said...

Kulee(menial workers) struggling, small time businesses struggling, middle class struggling.

Only a few slave drivers and they are able to make the whole population struggling. What can you people do, what can you want??

Me throws my hat to the Commanders, they are indeed solid.


Matilah_Singapura said...

My prediction is that all public health systems all over the world will evolve – to varying degrees – and implement the scary policies of “Obamafication”.

Just wait, there will be rationing, long waiting times, and an increasing amount of “penalties” going after the self-employed to “pay up or else”.