Be tough to Singapore!

This mentality was stamped in the Mahathir era and has been embedded deeply in the minds of those who have worked with him. Anwar is no exception. And his immediate response to Najib's agreement with Hsien Loong was that Najib was soft. Any Malaysian leader that signed or come to any agreement with Singapore must be soft. Then what is being tough? Being tough means never to sign any agreement with Singapore. If Singapore asks for 10% Malaysia must ask for 20%. If Singapore asks for 20% Malaysia must ask for 40%. The greatest example was the price of water to Singapore. It was a few cents and Mahathir asked for $3 for a starting price, I could not remember the exact figure. And when Singapore tried to negotiate, the price was raised to more than $10 and even higher everytime Singapore try to negotiate for a more reasonable price. This is what tough meant to Mahathir. Actually it is not tough. It is sheer stupidity. It is an approach that says he would not want to sign any agreement unless it is on his terms. In any business or bilateral agreement, how could any party think that an agreement can be signed on a one sided terms. To go forward, to negotiate any deals, the premise must be that both parties are comfortable with the deal and see benefits in them in an equitable manner. And that was exactly what happened when Najib and Hsien Loong met. And a deal was done. So, in the eyes of Anwar and Mahathir, and those who have been programmed to be tough, Najib must be soft. How to go forward like dat? PS. The best part is that after signing every deal that they had thoroughly studied in details before signing, they will come back and say they had a raw deal. That they were cheated.


Wally Buffet said...

Call me simple minded or whatever. I've now re aligned my perceptions of who are the good guys and the bad guys up North.

Of course, deals are normally closed with quid pro quo, that is, you scratch my back and I scratch yours but there must be a willingness to be reasonable and not talk tough while at the same time banging the table to show who is boss. That Madhatter and his erstwhile assistant to a lesser degree but no less repugnant was like that. Talk like an Abang but like Ah Kow says "Bo liao".

Negotiating with them is like coaxing a bunch of kindergarten kids. Never do much due diligence and when the agreement is signed and sealed, comes back and said they got a raw deal. Hope this deal is for keeps and there will be no reneging five years later. By which time, a new PM may be in charge and they will demand a renegotiation all over again.

What a circus!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Not much details have come out in the press but from what was said, it appears that Singapore has been very gracious and giving in a lot to make the deal sweeter.

And I believe Najib and his cabinet must be very happy with the deal. Otherwise they would not have signed it.

Anonymous said...

But Najob also worked for Dr M, what? In fact more than half of the current Cabinet have at some point in time served under Dr M, so your theory that anyone whos has worked for him will forever have a anti-Sg bias does not quite hold up.

I think they are just fed up of the whole situation and just want to mark a new beginning. As for Anwar, well, his antics since GE12, and especially after the botched Sep 08 takeover of Putrajaya have wisened Malaysians up. I hope now you Singaporeans will wise up too.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When Najib took over the rein as PM, many observers thought he would be a weakling. Mahathir thought he could order him around like a boy.

Najib has stood up to be his own man to chart the course of Malaysia's story. Any leader who wants to make a difference must be able to break out from the mould and be his own man, strike a new path. If not, Najib would be just another PM.

He has astounded many by his moves. And I think there are more surprises to come. He is still in his early days as PM. Let's see if he can withstand the pressure that will mount on him as he tries to change the course of history.

Anonymous said...

Should Najib sells too many of MALAYSIAN(NATIONAL) ASSETS, me will not be surprised he will be booted out of politics by the Malaysian People in no time.

No citizens would agree or allow their leaders to suka suka sell national assets without referendum. National Assets do not belong to any leadership. Okay, maybe air and water are exceptions.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I don't think he sold anything to Singapore. They just swapped assets.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To Dr M:

"Hey mat, puki mak lah. Hisap kotek babi lah!"

Now all you have to do is forward Dr M a link to my post.