The Apple is rotten

Have no doubts about it, the Apple is rotten to the core. The superficial skin deep good look cannot hold out for long. The subprime crisis, the toxic notes, CDOs/CDS, the heavenly pay out to the bankers and finance crooks, to the lawyers, the high debt of living on borrowed money, and the whole financial system, are rotten deep inside. The stock market and the financial system need an immediate overhaul. What happened yesterday is not going to go away. It is saying it will come back again and again. The super computers and programme assisted tradings shall rule again. They are the best inventions, together with derivatives for the stock markets. Any silly country that still salivating on how great the American and western system is needs to have a reality check. To continue to ape the Americans in their wayward and irresponsible ways is a sure road to the abyss of financial destruction. What I am saying is pure bullshit. The American system is the best system to be incorporated to all the countries around the world. Then we can have everyone being as rich as the Americans and spending like the Americans. The world needs to support the Big Apple and make sure it remains pretty looking.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The only reform needed is for the govt to get out of the market.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Disagree. The only reform is for the whole world to follow the American system, the American Dream. Go on spending, with tomorrow's money.

We will have the greatest economic boom in the history of mankind, and the great bust to follow.

Anonymous said...

Me agrees with both above two posters.

The people should spend and spend and the liked the American Government; all governments should print and print more money.

Everybody gains, any problem let the future generations solve.


Anonymous said...

We really do not have have to agree about agreeing.

Human greed will make it certain that the American system will prevail.

Long live America.

Hooray for the American dream!

Matilah_Singapura said...

No one can "spend their way to prosperity" lah -- no matter how much fake money you print or how much you con stupid Asians to lend.

Actually, I changed my mind: let the govt interfere more in the market. In that way cheapskates like me can profit from the enetual collapse and blood in the streets.

Look how Greece has tried to "spend its way to prosperity"? Next to go -- watch it: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland and I'm hoping and praying to ArrLarr -- the United Kingdom -- currently running a debt level of near 100% of GDP.

Spend motherfuckers, keep spending. I want to come over and fuck your daughters cheap.

Anonymous said...

What about Japan? Last I heard was their debt is more than their GDP!

And they are still at it. Propping up the stock market using their billions.

Wonder when this will end?

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 401:

Yes, Japan's debt/GDP is around 190% on the way to 200%.

Of course they are still standing: economic debasement can take decades to come to bear. They can keep going because

1. Most of that debt is financed by peoples' savings -- not by foreigners as in the case of the US. This make the debt less inflationary.

2. The Japs have a huge industrial base -- a sophisticatedly intensive and extensive economy with foreign holdings and reserves. They are in debt, but not BANKRUPT like the US... at least not yet.

But their population is aging...and there are other future threats as well.

Observational fact: Japan has been in reccession for over 20years.

Will it end? Of course. When? Who knows?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Owe Money, Pay Money!!

Ah, how the welfare states have been "Spending their way to prosperity".

Doen't matter how much the "rescue" package is -- $1 trillion... at sometime it has to be paid back, even if the currency (Euro) is debased.

Europe's Web of Debt