100,000 more jobs coming

We can expect 100,000 jobs to be created and some will definitely have to go to foreign talents. How many will go to them and how this will translate into more foreigners in the country and how this will affect our infrastructure and housing for our people is an urgent problem? Do we have the ability and people to compute all these and start doing the necessary so that no one will be caught off guarded again? A 50% of these jobs going to foreigners could add 200,000 people into the system, assuming each comes with a family of 4. The failure in our housing system to cater for such big inflows of residents here should be a lesson not to be repeated. Then the transportations, even COEs will be affected. The eating places, entertainment, ok we have two casinos to take in some of the influx, but many facilities will be stretched and stressed. Are we prepared for our targeted 6m population? I know many are and have already bought into properties and waiting for the prices to go through the roof. For those who are still looking for a property, better go and grab anything that is available. The shortage is unlikely to be met if history is to tell its story again. Before we bring in another 200,000, let’s get the housing sorted out first. This is the commonsensical thing that any simple mind would not fail to miss. At this moment I don’t think anything has been done on this area. Some people even believed that the demand for BTO launches were fake.


Wally Buffet said...

This is the good news bad news gambit.

The good news is that there are 100,000 "jobs" up for grabs.

The bad news, (best left unsaid but already hinted) is that we would be opening the floodgates once again to let in lots more trash to trash the Singaporeans still wondering what hit them.

Small wonder that native locals are scrambing to get out of this claustrophobic island, even to the remote land of the Maoris somewhere at the bottom of the Earth.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Listen!

Foreigners are brought in to provide jobs for the Locals.

If not, they are brought in to make up for shortfall in population.

Or transfer their(foreigners) skills and expertise to the people.


without them, will the hawkers and businesses thrive???? Will your properties fetch such good prices? Will You get young ladies from different countries to entertain You?

Foreigners can come freely, Singaporeans can also leave freely.
What is there to complain?

Wally Buffet said...

Thinking about it rationally, yeah, what's there to complain about?

Especially the total freedom with which the ladies of the night descend upon Singapore. The powers that be in their infinite wisdom must have thought that instead of letting Singaporean males empty their pockets in the surrounding banana economies, better let them do it here to generate some GDP and downstream benefits eg allowing HDB owners to sublet their whole apartments as hostels for these "entertainers". And the beauty is, the HDB is still unaware that such monkey business is going on under their nose. WTF!

Good job. Speaking for myself, I am very grateful for the good time given to all red blooded males, especially the Chee Koh Pek senior citizens.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wally, there are 1m hot blooded foreign workers working here. Without the China mei mei to cool them down, who will be they eye balling?

Wally Buffet said...

Mr. Bean,

Maybe you're not in the loop. Those eyeballing the "entertainer" trash are the Singaporeans with money to burn.

The one million plus foreign trash is about made up equally of male and female. They are eyeballing each other as well as screwing each other at minimal cost. When both are faraway from home, you can expect some liberalism as well as liberation of sorts.

As for the "entertainer" trash, only the well off Singaporeans can afford them. The foreign trash is not going to burn their hard earned money this way.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Wally, I will concede that you are 80% right on this. I am out of the loop for sure. Ok, 90% right : )

Kaffein said...

@ Anon May 04, 2010 10:14 AM

You've touched on a raw nerve here. So you are going to get quite a response from me.

"Foreigners are brought in to provide jobs for the Locals."

There is something flawed in your sweeping statement. Are you from the PAP? *woof* Sounds like 'GST to help the poor' sale-talk.

"If not, they are brought in to make up for shortfall in population."

The issue isn't that Singapore has a shortfall of population. The grouse is the government is all caring about economy and money. ONLY.

Make the best, squeeze the rest (locals).

All these while the PAP has been playing god and tinkering of the birth control policies, the price of housing, standard of living, plus other myriad of factors... which brought our population down.

In other words, the policies did not work. That means the people who implement them are not far-sighted enough. If we say that S'poreans have changed their lifestyle expectations, yes to a certain extent. Look at Norway, or other countries who have successfully implemented birth increase.

Of course the government is always pragmatic and clinical. One of the shortcut methods is to bringing in foreigners. Lots of them. This is the easiest and I'd add in, stupidest way to increase population.

What we need are foreigners who can fill in the gaps that locals can't fill. Not take the place of locals. Or FTs who can bring in skills and expertise to help us, not replace us.

"without them, will the hawkers and businesses thrive???? Will your properties fetch such good prices? Will You get young ladies from different countries to entertain You?"

All along, we have been doing well and fine, thank you. We are not beggars begging for you to bring in your money.

"Foreigners can come freely, Singaporeans can also leave freely.
What is there to complain?"

Are you sure? I am certain you are foreigner who knows NOTHING about being a Singapore local. We serve in the army for 2.5 years (at least for me). I can't just leave the country because each year the army calls me up for reservist. My savings in CPF are tied to the government and the only ways I can withdraw them are to give up my citizenship, grow old, or die.

For you, you can leave anytime. You don't have any obligations (no fault of yours) to Singapore and you can take out your CPF when you decide to leave the country.

In summary (to put it bluntly), you are talking smack.

Wally Buffet said...

"What we need are foreigners who can fill in the gaps that locals can't fill. Not take the place of locals. Or FTs who can bring in skills and expertise to help us, not replace us."


This is a good one.

The PRC entertainment trash sure can fill the gap that locals can't. I ain't gonna be screwing none of our good local ladies that's for sure. Too much loose ends. Look what happened to the JackAss! As for "skills" of these entertainment trash, well you gotta try it to believe it! Outa this world, Bro. Trust me!


Anonymous said...

Why is there no Cheaper, Better & Faster FT Ministers out of SIN city?

Anonymous said...

Remember, cheap means no good. You want good stuff, you must pay the price. Look at our unis and hospitals, world class and world class price.

Anonymous said...

What is more important is what is left unsaid!

Anonymous said...

The human side of this Government has gone to the dogs. They will pay dearly in the next election.

While in the past, the less educated were not so critical of the government due to the one-sided media, I notice that the situation has changed drastically after the last election.

This is because they can see and feel the negative changes, especially they or their children getting retrenched without being unable or not able to find comparable jobs, and the ever increasing cost of living, housing, medical care etc.

Even market hawkers face the competition of foreigners who set up stall along side roads. Shops competing with foreign workers who rent space outside other shops and taking away their business.

These foreigners are not creating jobs for locals, they are taking away jobs and business opportunities from locals.

When the Government cannot see the reality on the ground, and keeps on denying the real situation, this is not going to be good for the country in the long run.

Anonymous said...

The parents are increasingly getting worried for their children's welfare. Ok, not all parents are worried. Those who have bought properties for every child and every grandchild are patting themselves on the back and congratulating themselves on how good they are. Then there are the ignorant and blind who didn't know what is going on.

For those parents who have children starting to build their own homes, getting married, starting a career, tough man. These parents are not going to be happy as their little HDB flats cannot do anything to help their children who are struggling to start a new life.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kaffein,

My apology for not declaring that I was just parroting what I have frequently read and watched from the local official medias.
It's the only sin I have committed here for paraphrasing them.

Sorry Folks, I never know the Leaders have hurt the people so much. Okay time to let them know.

Thank You All.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anonymous, that's what I thought when I read your post. But it could be easily misread. I had experienced the same many times.

Don't worry, just kopitiam talk: )

Kaffein said...

@ Anon May 04, 2010 10:14 AM
My bad if you are being satirical. :P


Anonymous said...


I enjoyed very much to have your attention and is very thankful to You for the convincing points put up by You.

Thank You !

Anon 10:14 am.