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Year 2010 - Sayanging the footballers

We were supposed to be in the finals of the World Cup this year. I read that the coach is going to submit a nasty report on the behaviour and discipline of our professional players who were booted out of the Asian Cup in Amman. Aren't they playing the in World Cup Final? Maybe that's the reason why they felt so disheartened and depressed. The coach should forgive them, for oversleeping, for smoking, for not attending training sessions. He forgot to sayang them I think. And he thought that they were too big for their shoes! What's happening? These are our first class talents, our Dream Team for the World Cup.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was goal 2100! And I thought even that was a little 'optimistic'.

Who was the joker who came up with this unattainable 'goal 2010'.

Kaffein said...

The one who said 'housing is still affordable'. Haha...


Anonymous said...

It figures! This horse really farts from the mouth!

Anonymous said...

The Players and the Coaches never said that.

It was said by a trumpeter who read no note.

Shame Big Boaster.