What if HDB bungled?

According to Mah Bow Tan, the following are myths. 1. There are not enough HDB flats to meet demand 2. HDB flats are unaffordable 3. PRs push prices 4. Private property owners push up prices 5. Subletting of HDB flats is rampant. The above are reported in the ST today. And he gave his reasons to dismiss them as myths. So I will add them into my column as myths of Singapore. The following facts are either quoted from official sources or are well knowned, or maybe perceived wrongly. 1. In 2008, there were 79,200 new PRs and 20,500 new citizens. 2. In 2009, the numbers were 59,500 and 19,900 respectively. 3. Our population has increased by more than a millionn in the last decade. 4. Property prices are shooting to the sky with HDB flats tripling their values in less than the recent 10 years. 5. Mah Bow Tan said he was caught by surprise of the strong demand in properties. 6. HDB is scurrying to build more flats with 13,500 last year and another 12,000 this year. All these will take another 3 or 4 years to be ready. How many flats did HDB built in the last 5 years? Has HDB bungled in the supply and demand of public housing for the people in the last 10 years? I think the official answer is no. Then why the unhappiness especially among young and new home owners? Myth? During the tight supply of flats and surging demand caused by high population growth, have there been young people who failed to get their flats over these years and were booted out of the public housing system because their combined income went past the $8,000 ceiling imposed by HDB? If there are, is it their fault or HDB's fault? These young people are now caught in a dilemma, disqualified from HDB and not rich enough to pay for private properties. So how? Would they be pissed off with the HDB and the govt? The answer will come in the next General Election if their housing needs are not solved by then. Maybe their needs are just a myth and all will still be voting happily for the PAP. Maybe not. Only the result will tell the true story. In the meantime Mah Bow Tan can stick to his position and fight his election in Tampines, and win.


Wally Buffet said...

We were told of many watershed elections in the past.

This coming one is the mother of all watershed elections.

You ain't a true blue Singlish speaking Sinkaporean if you are not concerned with:

1. The perceived HDB conundrum.
2. The sardine packed public transport system.
3. Being surrounded by "aliens" with foreign accent whichever way you turn in Restaurants or shopping malls.
4. Being served by rude Filipino information personnel at our airports. A Singaporean airport for christ sake. you may be forgiven for thinking you're in Manila.
5. Being served by a rude PRC cashier hag in our national petroleum company, recently sold to a Mainland entity, who now thinks since she is a PR and the company belongs to her country that she is more equal than you, a citizen. How the fuck did a foreign trash like her got PR anyway? Oh I forgot. It's now given as freely as doggie bags at McDonalds.

.....and the list goes on.

Previously, all shortcomings were minor and mere irritants. Now, the issues are very well defined and tangible.

Give us back the good ole Singapore.

Majullah Singapura!

Anonymous said...


the housing issue and every mistakes make by PAP will be solved in just one day when PAP's Godfather will just tell the citizens "Let's do away with election totally. No more election. PAP will reign eternally". Problem solved.

Matilah_Singapura said...

HDB has bungles several times. But it is still in business.

Anonymous said...

There are entities here that will still be around even if they have failed or bungled a thousand times. Why? Because we have no other choices short of emigrating.

The NTUC may sell out its members on CPF cuts and the foreign worker arguments, but it still is and will be the power that the Government uses to control workers.

GIC or Temasek can squander another couple of billions, but it will still be around when most of us are history.

And the PAP will rule Singapore for a long, long, time because it has the mandate of heaven. Why? Heaven make the people sheepish and obedient.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion for that stubborn minister...build HDB flats for Singaporeans, in particular the first time owners. Fuck the $8,000 ceiling. Singaporeans shall have the privilege to buy up or buy down. this is the privilege of being Singaporeans. Asshole!

In the resale market, let the prs and go and bid up all the prices, and pay hefty covs. Then new home buyers will be happy. Those who are selling also happy.

And he may be able to retain his seat in Tampines.

Anonymous said...

It is not too remote to say that SIN may one day do away with election.
Very very possible.