The western hang ups

Why is it so difficult for Asians to have independent thoughts, to see the world from the Asian perspective instead of parroting the agenda of the West? We have CNA, probably the only credible media that speaks Asian other than Al Jazeera and China Daily. I read an article in the ST titled 'China arrogant? Maybe, but that's not the point'. I thought I was reading an article written by some western journalists. The views and contents were similar, everywhere in the western media, whacking China for standing up to the bullying of the US and calling China arrogant is the politically correct thing to do. Is China arrogant or just standing up to the bully? From the Asian perspective, I would say, show the Americans the middle finger. The US have been accusing and threatening and bullying every country other than its major allies. It is time a new power tells the US to shut up. It has nothing to do with being arrogant but refusing to be pushed around. What's wrong with that? I couldn't imagine that the writer is an Asian, by the name of William Choong. And he went on to explain that China was reacting from a sense of insecurity. A weak power fumbling around trying to make a defensive stand from a position of weakness. And he even talked this cock about 'face' as if the West do not have a face to worry about. The Chinese are sensitive to face. Obama gate crashed a meeting in Copenhagen when he was not invited. It was not about face but about American pride. How could they not give the American President face by not inviting him to a meeting? Then he went on blabbing about China's weak arrogance being troubling and maybe waiting to be kicked by the number one super power. American arrogance like George Bush's triumphant claim during the Iraq War is good. Weak arrogance like China is bad. And China is an irresponsible power not pulling its weight to protect the existing balance of power. Maybe it would be better for China to help the Americans to kill the Arabs and Afghans, then China could be welcomed as a responsible power. Maybe China should also join the US to threaten any country that it does not like, threaten them with sanctions to make the US feel better. Is that what is meant by being responsible? Attack another country, killed its leader, under the pretext of WMD. That must be a very responsible way to act as a big power. Now what is the point? China an arrogant irresponsible power? Let's give this writer a Congressional Medal or an OBE.


Wally Buffet said...

Let's give this bugger a whack on the backside so he knows where his lineage came from.

I just ate a friggin' banana this morning. Sure enjoy biting the hell out of that stupid banana and swallowed him down the tube ready to be expelled tomorrow into the shithole.

I am surprised you'll still reading and reacting to such hogwash.

Can we have more posts on the miseries of Singapore motorists? The last one was good.

Anonymous said...

Thank God, I have given up reading the propaganda rag, so no unhappy reaction, no anger and no raising of blood pressure.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

A very senior gentleman friend of mine felt so disgusted by bananas that he called me first thing in the morning to complain about the article. He was fuming mad.

JeffGoh said...

The two key words - arrogant, irresponible - in the article best describe the writer of the article, and if I may add - ignorance.

Obviously this writer is living with his head in the sand. He has not heard of the Iraq War, He has no idea about the financial crash of 2008, he has no idea of the coming US Health Reforms, not to mention US atrocities committed around the world in the last 30 years.

To put matters in perspective, China is only one of the very few nations in the world in this era that is embark on a Nation Building program, that means people first. Most nations are plundering their countries. Look at US, UK Europe and around us.

Wake Up.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi guys, China bashing has been on going for the last few centuries by the west. Unfortunately, till today, the Chinese are also indulging in it. I wonder if they are paid to do it.

And our media are often also party to it.

They have contributed to the shame and humiliation the Chinese have to face all these years. And they are damn proud of it.

Oh, they are international citizens.

Anonymous said...

Agree very much with Mr Bean that some orientals are very capable of betraying their cultures and origins. There is records of CHINESE TRAITORS helping the Japanese to murder their fellow countrymen. However, me is of the belief that Westerners and Whites are more peace loving now than ever. Soon Western Leaders who behave like warlords will be shunned by their own people.

CoolPrince said...
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CoolPals said...

Actually, to be fair, it does not look like a banana, more like a monkey really! Hahaha hehehe...

It is also a fallacy to say that the Chinese are yellow. Don't know where the idea came from? The Caucasians are not really white if you go by the pigment of the skin, and if they are, the Chinese are also white and probably whiter than white. Most Singaporeans though are dark or brown because of the tropical sun! Which is fine for a free and fabulous tan!

As regards China or Chinese bashing, zhen jin bu pa huo lian, 真金不怕火炼!

Anonymous said...

Hope William Chung the shameless yellow banana will read this little article to wake him up to the anti-Chinese Western countries headed by USA. If he still cannot wake up then he is not only bringing shame to himself but also bringing shame and lack of self-respect and dignity to the Chinese people. Shame to the pseudo Chinese who sings to the tune of Western and American propaganda.

Read my full article in redbeanforum in World Affairs.


CoolPals said...
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CoolPals said...

...What's your point? China is arrogant? What a joke. China has behaved too humbly but in a most dignified manner already in the face of such evil and hateful attacks by some Anglo Saxon governments and their media. And we loudly applaud and support China for it! The article written by William Choong and featured prominently on the ST Review & Forum page is certainly very arrogant but that's not the point. What's his point? He wrote a long anti China article about nothing!

He used the word "arrogant" and played it up. At best, this would be called something like wen zi you xi or 文字游戏,but if so, at least be slightly a bit more intelligent about it. Strong arrogance, weak arrogance? What the heck! For Choong, it is impotent arrogance. Why would you want to attack China?

The article lacks substance, with baseless allegations, and is a piece of trash filled with untruths and distortions, very badly written. The Anglo Saxon media is anti China because they are basically fearful and jealous of the rise of China and the Chinese (or East Asia, and that includes Singapore) but what is the reason for China or Chinese bashing by the Singapore media and journalists. A sense of self impotent arrogance? Doesn't make sense. More like retard warmongering.

It is best to write objectively, impartially and intelligently. What does people like William Choong know about China and why would he want to be like some Anglo Saxon governments and media trying to interfere with the internal affairs of another country.

The new United States ambassador to Singapore put out a strongly worded message that was a blatant interfererence in the internal affairs of Singapore and it sounded like regime change or system change was in his agenda! OMG! The Anglo Saxon media categorizes and criticizes Singapore as authoritarian and worse, dictatorial. None of their business, "mind your own bloody business". Unfortunately, the Singapore media is doing the same and interfering in other country's internal affairs with baseless allegations, distortions and biased negative reporting. The Singapore government does not need any other country's media to lecture it, and incite discontent and hatred, and so too, you (WC) should not do the same to others. Day in and day out, there is incessant China bashing, particularly in the Straits Times but what's your point? Do something constructive! Don't be stupid! Be productive!