That's the way it is! Ah ha, ah ha, ah ha....

China has declared its intention to be the world's number one military power, to overtake the USA. And this ambition will be reflected in the new military budget to be announced. The confidence in the way the Chinese are standing up to face the oppressive bully is a sign that they are already on par with the US. Yes, the US may still have a big edge in military hardware and technology. But China has enough to neutralise the threat of an open war with the Americans. Both can only claim superiority in numbers and on papers. Both knows that they cannot afford to fight each other. They will simply wipe each other out of this world, together with the rest of the world. What does this open declaration of China means? It says that China will no longer kowtow to the US and will stand up for its rights and will take on the US head on in any challenge or threats the Americans throw at them. The Chinese are not going to accept all kinds of rubbish attacks quietly. There will be more tic for tac as the US gets more uncomfortable with China challenging its dominant position and status. What is damaging is that the US will have to spend more for defence which will hasten its downfall when its coffer is already empty. The American strategy is for 10 times or 100 times superiority in hardware and soldiers. And for every dollar or soldier the Chinese add on to their arsenal, the US is going to pay 100 times more. And the US just cannot compete in this expensive game anymore. It can continue to publish its rhetorics that China is an aggressive power and will threaten the smaller countries. Many no longer believe this threat any more except the unthinking tin pot dictators of fictitious demoncracy countries. The aggressive nature of the Americans and the wars it is waging against small countries around the world is testament to its hostile policy of bully small nations. They even force peaceful nations to go to war with them, to share the killings and the guilt, with hands dripping with Arab and Muslim bloods. Go for it China. It will be good for the rest of the world, to keep the bully in check. And to prevent more regime changes and interference with other countries domestic politics.


Wally Buffet said...


Calm down willya?

It's not HJT or WJB making the statement that China should take on the US. It's only a relatively low level PLA colonel uttering this wishful wish. He is just putting up a dummy of Uncle Sam for his recruits for objective target practice.

If China becomes number one, I would still want the Americans to keep challenging and bench marking it. History tells us that a singular power without restraint is also bad for the world.

When and if the Chinese do become number one, they may have to play "Sheriff" to keep the troublemakers at bay. Question is, are they prepared to do it? It's a culture thing. The Chinese believe in minding their own business. And that's bad because there will be anarchy.

solo bear said...

Whether China will overtake US, let alone be number 1 in military terms, we have yet to see. But US has done about enough to provoke China to the brink. The latest, being the meeting with the Dalai Lama.

However, even before that, there is a host of issues US has been irritating China with. It appears that Obummer is a real bummer when it comes to foreign PR. Here's a link to show an example how US provokes China.
US now provokes China

And here's the retaliation from China
China gives US a Taste of its own Medicine - Threats and Sanctions

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi solobear,

The US will continue to irritate China. Its tactic is to point the finger at someone else and get its lackeys to follow suit, and all their media to report about it.

Now both can play the same game. They can talk sanction. China can veto sanction.

Now they are owing China so much money it is a matter of when China will post O$P$ on the door of the White House. When China and the rest of the world start to harrass the US for payment, it will be comical.

Remember Bush running for cover with his hands on his head during 911? This time Obama or the next President will have to keep changing addresses to keep the loansharks away.

Anonymous said...

Slow down, slow down redbean.

I would also like China to be strong to counter Uncle Sam, but I hope China does not blindly follow the same route that the Russians took, and got almost bankrupted running the arms race.

Alright, the USA was in much better financial shape then and the Russians were not as loaded as the Chinese now. Still, I hope they are not carried away by such thinking.

The US is using many countries, particularly Taiwan and many personalities, like the Dalai Lama, as pawns to provoke China.

There is no right or wrong in politics. We are also pawns used in one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Dream on. US military technology at present is believed to be 100 years ahead of public technology.

Which means whatever we get in public is almost outdated in military.

Just like CD Writing technology was only released to public 30 years after it's invention. You can imagine what stuff they have that is not known to public.

In the 70s/80s, it was biological war via aids and other illness. Today is fought through weather. WEATHER WAR. Most natural disasters today are artificially manipulated using acoustic weapons. The recent earthquakes we witness lately are experiments of the The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP).

China can continue to dream.

Anonymous said...

AFter 2012, north pole and south pole will swap. The world will be a difference place after that.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anonymous 3:04,

If what you said is true, Indonesia and Chile should take the US to the world court for crimes against humanity. I believe that there are such technology, or they are still testing such technology. And I can speculate that they have applied them in many instances but no one is there to prove it or spill the beans.

As for advances in military science and technology, the US have their secret weapons and so will other countries. The Chinese are no longer dumb cooks and waiters. To turn around a country in 60 years and to be competing with the US must tell something. Running a country of more than 1bn people from poverty to what it is today, they must have some bright kids there doing the works.

Not everything is fate or providence. They must have the talents to do the highly advanced scientific and technical stuff.

The Chinese philosophy has always been grounded on the principle of modesty and not bragging. For them to stand up and say that they have had enough, they must know something which we don't. The Americans also know that the Chinese are now not pushovers.

The best indication is to see if the Americans dare to start a war with China. Mind you, they lost to peasant armies using old and outdated rifles against their aircraft, bombers, and heavy weapons in Korea.

The Chinese may not have as sophisticated weaponry as the Americans, but they no longer fight with rifles and small arms.

Anonymous said...

Same as the Russians in Afghanistan. High-tech weapons against low tech patriotism. Depends on where they want to fight the war.

But the final outcome will be the same. Mankind will destroy itself. Doesn't matter who is more advanced in weapons technology.

Anonymous said...

Let talk about how things might change nearer home. If or when China achieve superiority over uncle sam, the PRC in Singapore would reach a higher status than the true blue Singkies. They would probably demand special treatment and concessions to match this higher status.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There is no glory in another super-power coming to "challenge" the existing super power.

If what you say is correct, the Chinese have played right into the hands of the American globalists. They have been baiting the Chinese for years to get them (the Chinese) to direct their resources towards military spending which has the possibility of de-stabalising the society. An increase in military might will also upset the Taiwanese, the Japanese and most of Asia.

When countries divert resources to militarization, the market economy (except for the defense and weapons industries) suffers. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you spend lots of money in one area, the other areas have less capital to produce.

The US did the same with the USSR. Russia spent money on military might until the whole country was bankrupt and the Soviet Union collapsed. America has the edge because the world still "believes" in the USA although they might have issues with American superiority.

The USA can print toilet-paper money and the world still accepts this banana republic currency as the "reserve currency of the world".

China's strength ws that it didn't want to interfere or play a part in any global sabre-rattling. If it has changed its mind now, this is the begining of the end for what up until now was a very promising growth, a vindication of market capitalism as the ONLY moral system (so far) relating to the freedom and creativity of humananity -- i.e. without capitalism nothing can exist, including 98% of all the humans alive right now.

If the Chinese do this -- extensive militarization, America (unfortunately) has won.

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. What I am saying is, if you want to be rich, be peaceful. War is very expensive. Even Sun Tzu says this. i.e. avoid fighting unless you have no choice.

The Chinese could take some advice from their most famous general and foremost scholars.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Mr Redbean, You are getting militaristic leh.
The most beautiful trait of the Chinese Race is that throughout the history of China, the Chinese only fight amongst themselves, even now. The Chinese hardly fought foreigners. They are peace loving all along guided by their wisdom that peace brings prosperity.

The Chinese built walls to keep away invaders instead of fighting them. They sent their beautiful girls to the chief of other tribes to foster goodwills with them. They sent their scholars to the US which the whole world knows wants to make the Chinese to fight themselves to oblivion. The Chinese built walls and delivered loves for peace, now they make money and helps a country that wants it(China) dead, also for peace. Peace is the Greatest virtue of the Chinese.

Like Matilah Singapura says, the Spirit of Sun Tzu is a natural characteristic of the Chinese.

Base on the historical record, i believe the Chinese will do their best to help the Americans to live better instead of wasting time and money to fight wars which some US Leaders have stupidly indulged in. The Americans should wake up their own cowboy-like leaders. They must avoid having this kind of leaders.

Long live China and long live the world !!!

Wally Buffet said...

Also agree that China loves peace. But wait till Mr. OBL really disturbs them. That will bring out the warrior in them to crush these troublemakers. Even Sun Tzu, if he is still alive would be egging the warriors to fight until no enemy walks out of the battlefield alive.

Pay the price if you disturb the hive!

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1159

> Americans to live better instead of wasting time and money to fight wars which some US Leaders have stupidly indulged in.

Nit picking a point. It is "stupid" to start wars. Wars should be for defense only and be as short and intense as possible to bring the threat to an end.

However regarding big tax-funded absolute LEGAL authoritarian territorial power: aka "The Government" going to war is hardly stupid. You gain more power when you do. During war a government:

1, Seizes more of the private citizens resources

2. Can print money freely to pay for the war, i.e. inflate the currency

3. Passes laws granting more power to the state and its oligarchy

4. Gets into lucrative deals with the financial community (who lends money) and to the defense industries

5. Gets to "conquer" foreign lands and imposing authoratiative structures which benefit the oligarchy (business and govt) of the conquerer. e.g. conquer some oil rich country, take over their oil, make your govt and business buddies (like private contractors who are bestowed govt "favours") rich.

The point is this: the US is warlike since the foreign policy changed under Alexander Hamilton over 200 years ago. There is BIG BIG money behind going to war -- at the expense/forced sacrifice of private citizens wealth and freedom.

The US has been garnering a war with China since Eisenhower/Johnson/Kennedy/Nixon's time. They want a war with China. They've been counting on it.

The US is technically bankrupt and has been for nearly 20 years. Yet it is still in business and developing more and more awesome military technology.

Check out the latest announced DARPA project: artificial life for military purposes.

Scary shit.

More DARPA projects:

They have at least a few designs of a FULLY AUTONOMOUS comat robot: i.e. a LETHALLY ARMED robot (without emotions) designed to operate autonomously and KILL.

More scary shit.

As a country you have to be 100% insane or stupid to even contemplate a war, most of all a war with the US of A -- broke, still standing and dangerous.

I'll end with a joke: click here

Wally Buffet said...

Wars are an economic necessity for a bankrupt country like the USA. Agreed. They thrive on war. War brings economic stimuli and global prestige and power. War makes a statement and sends a message. Hell, they've even made it an art. Really Art of War. Sun Tzu would have been awed even.

With their six guns blazing, they will continue to be the sheriff for some time to come. A nuclear war is inevitable under such circumstances. The question is when. If you can't win them conventionally, just punch the red button and fuck all.

Wally Buffet said...


Matilah, not only bring democracy to your country but all the snake oil you can down for the next 100 years!

Anonymous said...

As a Singaporean Chinese, I love America too, hope it will be my home, will be proud to own it, even just billionth of a percent of it.

Anyway, 2 and a half century of a nationhood is no big deal, the trouble with USA it seems is that it may break up further into East West Divide. One up to its' original North South Demarcation.

By the way, no matter how shitty the US is or will be, it will always be the godfather of SIN.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The funny thing is that as nations become fully and dangerously armed, war is less likely to happen, especially when two parties can cause as much harm to each other as the other can.

War only starts when one side is weak and the other thinks that it is a cake walk.

The US and China will not go to war. But they will continue to rub each other the wrong way now and then.

Wally Buffet said...

You seemed to imply that the US and China are equal in military terms.

They are not. China is at least 20 years behind the US in terms of military hardware alone.

By your reckoning, the time for the US to attack is now before the Chinese make a hyper leap in military hardware capabilities.

I believe that the Taiwan problem if escalated to the brink will bring them into a conflict with China winning the war based on home turf advantage.China ain't Iraq and HJT is no Saddam.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I won't say that. China is militarily very far away from the Americans. But they have enough punch to cripple the Americans as they go down with them.

And that is good enough to keep the Americans away. George Bush tried at Hainan Island. The Chinese used their fighters to ram the American aircraft and brought it down. No firing, just an accident!

It reminds me of the American warships ramming Vietnamese patrol boats in Haiphong to use as an excuse to start the Vietnam War.

Bush chicken out at Hainan Island.

Anonymous said...

Mr Bean;
it's no myth or joke to say that the wars or rather the invasions the Americans fought and are fighting are parts of its' Crusade. Check its history and it is clear as day that it only invades non christian dominated/majority and non-white nations.

United States and its' brother, the United Kingdom together with their allies indeed form USA; the UNITED SINFUL AGGRESSORS.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The coloured people like to worship white gods. That's the way it is.