Temasek into technology companies

Below article is copied from Business.scotsman.com by Terry Murden Dotcoms set to bounce back out of the bubble ON THE tenth anniversary of the dotcom bubble bursting comes news from the East of a new appetite for technology. Temasek, the Singapore state investor, has a massive war chest ready to be plundered for a buying spree. Temasek is among a number of institutional investors now ready to splash the cash after turning bullish on a sector that has seen a lot of blood on the walls in recent years but is now undergoing a revaluation. Shares in some technology firms, including Intel, are now hitting record highs, and Temasek has not been slow in buying shares in blue chip companies such as Yahoo and Research in Motion, the company behind the Blackberry mobile device. It is now said to be looking to buy private firms which a view to listing them.... Other investors share Temasek's views. Henderson Global Investors and Franklin Templeton have turned positive on the sector with Henderson particularly bullish on e-commerce firms such as Amazon.com, and online advertising through Google and Baidu. It also likes online entertainment. It is a cross-section of contemporary technology businesses which differ from the old model by having sound fundamentals and real growth prospects. ------- I was worried when I first read the article. Then when I came to the para that said other investors share Temasek's views, including Global Investors and Franklin Templeton, I am now terribly frighten.


Anonymous said...

buying tech firms is like buying "dikum" probability of hitting a winner like Apple is low.

The market is also ultra competitive

Wally Buffet said...


I am more than frightened. I am on the verge of a mental breakdown. I will be seeing my psychiatrist. Appointment has been fixed for tomorrow afternoon.

The thingy that made me froze with unimaginable fear and trepidation?


Temasek, the Singapore state investor, has a massive war chest ready to be plundered for a buying spree.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This guy didn't mince his words. That's our great reputation in the west. We are infamous!

Just hope it is not a case of people say ok so we join the queue also.

Anonymous said...

We seem to be picking up sectors that others have already made their money and are ready to exit.

Some people, who are obviously jinxed, do not know their limitations, despite all the losses they have suffered.

I am also skeptical, but I won't suffer a mental breakdown. It is not my money after all.

Anonymous said...

In casino ah, auntie, taxi driver, big shot, expert, all got same chance to win jackpot.

When auntie win ah, auntie shout, heng ah.

When big shot expert win ah, he shout, I am so clever. Pay me more bonus.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Gentlemen (and women)

No need to be "frightened". Temasek will lose money. But that also brings opportunity as all crises do ;-)

Tech is very high risk to begin with but also highly competitive -- cut throat competition whereever there are geeks involved. Geeks are always trying to "out-do" each other... obvious to those who know about gaming culture where geeks think killing each other in a virtual world is "cool".

I can't wait for Temasek to fail...not that I'm looking forward to it per se. What I look forward to are the "explanations" they creatively conjure up to "explain" to the public and to the world their fuck up. Whenever GLC's do this, it is hilarious. No one believes the story, people swear at the govt silently and get on with their lives.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy,

What can the people

do ? Other than

carry on with living.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You all don't take the comments of the scots too seriously lah. It is only sour grapes coz he did not get a share of it.

Our record in investing in tech firms has been good, I think.

Anonymous said...

People should try out gambling with big stakes.


Imagine i have no capital, no talent, no power and no inheritance. How do i survive ? Take a gamble lah, right ?

Btw, honestly speaking, i gamble because i have got no talent and i know not of other way to be rich.

Anonymous said...

Oh, i made the above comment and forgot to conclude that i am still waiting for luck.
Chances are that i am likely to expire before luck visits me. Anyway, i also like to admit that i use mostly others' monies to gamble since i make very money myself.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Don't worry, keep placing your bets. Someday, somehow, one of the bet will strike: )

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1223

In response about "the people".

In reality there is no such "thing". "The people" is simply a term denoting the abstract of a "collective of human beings in the political sense".

What can be done FOR SURE can only be done on an individual basis. That is, we can act individually to decide what is "good" "better" or "best" for us under certain circumstances.

There is nothing you can do to change a mass delusion -- it has to come to to its spectacular destructive climax, because if you try to change a mass of people, you will become their enemy.

Better to make your own way.

Observe | Question | Think | Decide

Anonymous said...

Mr Matilah Singapura:
me the anon can't agree more with You that there is no people.
The Oppositions are individuals, the bloggers are individuals, You and me are individuals though we 'talk' with others here and so are the men in the street.
Yes, there is no people in the collective sense; fully concur.
The people are like sands, lumped together but separate.

Anonymous said...

once again, Temasek will execute their uniquely Singapore strategy of BUY HIGH, SELL LOW. Buy high when tech stock are the highest, and sell low when tech bubble burst.

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 1236:

The super-brainiacs and super-scale salary "geniuses"at Temasek have demonstrated time and time again that they come to the same catastrophic end when they try to "time" the markets.

But hey... I am hoping they fail and lose more billions. I've already secured "my" CPF... let them lose someone else's non-existent "retirement" and I'll just watch and be entertained.

Anonymous said...

If anything drastic happens with Temasek, pity the old folks with retirement funds stuck in CPF life.

They already warned us. Any failure of CPF life means all the money is gone, no guarantees.

And to think that all that money have been compulsorily aquired. By force, I would say.

Desperate situations require drastic measures. This is obviously one of them.