A Singaporean is a Singaporean

Singaporeans should start to call themselves Singaporeans and not Chinese, Malay, Indian or Others. What's wrong with calling yourself what you really are? It may be an artificial construct, but given time, it will sink in and will be accepted by the rest of the world. And Europeans call themselves Americans, the Africans call themselves Americans, the Asians call themselves Americans. And American is a well regarded nationality that they are so proud off. They would not call themselves European Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, but simply Americans. It is time every Singaporean starts to call himself/herself 'I am a Singaporean'. The only drawback is that Singaporeans are so bashful and spineless that they may be smacked by foreigners if the foreigners know that they Singaporeans. It can be quite shameful to be smacked by foreigners in your own country. But that is the price to be paid to be Singaporeans. And that is the price to be paid for not being proud of your own nationality. Any foreigner dares try to smack an American in America or an Arab in his own country, or a Malaysian in Malaysia? No way. Only in a country when the citizens have a mindset that they are inferior, would they allow foreigners to slap them left and right and feel so proud about it. And they need to respect foreigners and respect their cultures too. A Singaporean is a Singaporean, albeit a shameless one.


Anonymous said...

Mr Chua:

Will You feel proud to be a Singaporean when the Management of this tiny dot treats us local borns like dirts ???

You said shameless(of Singaporeans), me says we should be shameful to be one, especially when one gets smacked by foreign born.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The answer is obvious. As Singaporeans we should be proud of our own country and identity. We must believe that this is our country and we own it. But I know that this is a losing proposition when foreigners are regarded as more important as Singaporeans, more talented, here to help us, and must be respected.

I am trying to read between the lines what the media was trying to say to Singaporeans or foreigners about smacking Singaporeans. Mind you, this is a front page news.

What is the message?

Singaporeans are useless and need to be smacked?

Singaporeans better stand up to their rights and pride?

Foreigners, this is how to treat the useless Singaporeans? Smack them and they just can't to anything about it?

Or Singaporeans, your days are numbered. Please get lost, make way for the talented foreigners. They are here to replace you?

What is the message?

Wally Buffet said...

Just wondering what the parents of the child who got smacked did.

Smacking is also fighting,no? Anyway, I think it's an offence to go around smacking your schoolmates anytime they say something that doesn't agree with you. I hope something is being done so that we don't become a smackingly smacky culture. Now, this sure is a foreign culture because in the past, I've not heard of school children going around smacking one another instead of having a rollicking good time playing marbles or catching spiders.

Ah, times have changed.

"Here, boy, go and smack your sister for saying you're a lazy Singaporean".

Hehe, that was me telling my grandson to act like a FT.

Anonymous said...

The Message is subtle.

The Management has done its' best to enhance your capital by inflating the values of your assets. Take advantage of this last manoeuvre as a last resort made available to You and for You to get out of SIN before hell comes beckoning.

But, You don't get it, so it now has to resort to one final move before hell befallens on SIN.

It has to get the foreigners to oust You ! Be reminded You all Sinners; everything is done in good faith for your own benefits. Me read in-between the Lines and amongst the Words.

Jus a caveat, me could be lost in the maze of the scheme.

Pending said...

Hi Chua,

I'm from Malaysia, but i'm not a "Malaysian". Well you see i'm one of those people where some Malays in my own country considers me a "pendatang" eventho i'm born here. I cannot say the same for myself that i'am a Malaysian.

We shall reform(asi) very soon inshaALLAH!! Till then, i'll keep my status as a "pendatang" for abit.

Cheers :L

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Pending, welcome to the blog.

And my apologies for being ignorant of the existence of pendatang. Ya, pendatangs are not Malaysians, or is it? My apologies again.

I think Allah is not racist and everyone is equal in his eyes. Inshallah.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is becoming obvious that Singaporeans are being delegated to....well, without rights whatsoever. Even animals have rights. Kick a cat and you go to jail.

I think the message is loud and clear. It is perfectly alright for a foreigner to slap a Singaporean. Put it the other way round and our Government will remind Singaporeans that foreigners also have rights bestowed by our merciful leaders.

That is what I read behind the lines.

Matilah_Singapura said...

One thing the reader will notice about redbean: he like defining things, concepts and especially INDIVIDUALS by hanging labels on them.

I fear there are many other such people walking this earth. On the other hand, no, I should be happy. Because bigots are damn fine entertainment!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Now what label have I hanged this time? I said a Singaporean is a Singaporean. Is that a label?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, it is a label. And you've consistently proved it by "rationalising".

Well, at least you're consistent :)