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Selling Your Singapore

With this new brand name called Your Singapore being brandished as a catchy tag, our representatives will soon be spreading out to the world to sell Singapore as a tourist destination. Let’s try to imagine how other people will react to this tag. First stop is likely to be China. I can imagine the Chinese asking, ‘How much?’ They would be keen to pay for it if it is for sale. It’s neighbour the Japanese would probably frown and say, ‘Can we have it back?’ It belonged to them for a while back then. Further to the East, the Americans would likely to give an approving nod and saying to themselves, ‘We had it in our pocket for so many years, didn’t you know that?’ As for the British, they would thank you for reminding them of their glorious past. They may regret for having giving it away to us on a silver platter. Our Indonesian neighbour may say don’t try to tempt us. Up north, they would not take it too kindly and give our representatives two black eyes for inviting them to ‘Your Singapore’. And hopefully the representatives would not be foolish enough to ask what was that for.


Anonymous said...

It belongs only to the Ones collecting all the rental fees.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Exactly. The people lost their country to the state long ago, and it looks like the people are not going to get their country back anytime soon.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I can't imagine what Mahathir would say or do if someone were to send him a Your Singapore brochure.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mahathir knows, even after he goes heaven, that his country will get a small piece of land for free sooner or later.

It is destined. Mr Mahathir don't even have to wait for it.